National Front (Afghanistan)

The National Front (NF), formerly known as the National Fatherland Front (NFF), was an umbrella organization to the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan which ruled Afghanistan from 1978-1990.[1] NFF was established to recruit more supporters for the communist regime in Afghanistan. Between 1980 and 1982, during Babrak Karmal's rise as president, a lot of governmental propaganda was released for the support of the organization. By April 1984, the New Times (Kabul) claimed that the NFF had over 55,000 members.[2]

National Front
FormationEarly 1980
TypeUmbrella organization
HeadquartersKabul, Afghanistan
Official language

Leaders (in 1984)Edit

  • Chairman of the Central Committee: Dr. Saleh Mohammad Zearai
  • Vice-Chairmen of the Central Committee: Bariq Shafihee, Sulieman Laeq, Sayed Afghani, Nejmuddin Kawyani, Sayed Ekram Paygir


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