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National Basketball Association Cheerleading

Washington Wizards cheerleaders at the Verizon Center.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league with teams in the United States and Canada. Each team has a squad of dancers for cheerleading that are usually involved in dancing, charity work, fundraisers, and modeling.[1]



Name NBA Team
A-Town Dancers[2] Atlanta Hawks
Blazer Dancers[3] Portland Trail Blazers
Celtics Dancers and Green Team[4] Boston Celtics
Brooklynettes[5] Brooklyn Nets
Charlotte Honey Bees[6] Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Luvabulls[7] Chicago Bulls
Cavalier Girls[8] Cleveland Cavaliers
Mavs Dancers[9] Dallas Mavericks
Nuggets Dancers[10] Denver Nuggets
Automotion[11] Detroit Pistons
Warrior Girls[12] Golden State Warriors
Grizz Girls[13] Memphis Grizzlies
Power Dancers[14] Houston Rockets
Pacemates[15] Indiana Pacers
Knicks City Dancers[16] New York Knicks
Spirit Dance Team[17] Los Angeles Clippers
Laker Girls[18] Los Angeles Lakers
Magic Dancers[19] Orlando Magic
HEAT Dancers[20] Miami Heat
Energee[21] Milwaukee Bucks
Pelicans Dance Team[22] New Orleans Pelicans
Thunder Girls[23] Oklahoma City Thunder
Silver Dancers[24] San Antonio Spurs
Sixers Dancers[25] Philadelphia 76ers
Suns Dancers[26] Phoenix Suns
Timberwolves Dance Team[1] Minnesota Timberwolves
Kings Royal Court Dancers[27] Sacramento Kings
Dance Pak[28] Toronto Raptors
Jazz Dancers[29] Utah Jazz
Wizard Girls[30] Washington Wizards

Notable NBA cheerleadersEdit

Atlanta HawksEdit

Boston CelticsEdit

Chicago BullsEdit

Dallas MavericksEdit

Denver NuggetsEdit

  • Lindsey Kovacevich (2005–07) -anchor and reporter of KVAL-TV

Detroit PistonsEdit

Golden State WarriorsEdit

Houston RocketsEdit

Indiana PacersEdit

Los Angeles LakersEdit

Los Angeles ClippersEdit

Miami HeatEdit

Milwaukee BucksEdit

Minnesota TimberwolvesEdit

New Jersey/Brooklyn NetsEdit

New Orleans HornetsEdit

New York KnicksEdit

Oklahoma City ThunderEdit

Orlando MagicEdit

Philadelphia 76ersEdit

Phoenix SunsEdit

Portland Trail BlazersEdit

Sacramento KingsEdit

Toronto RaptorsEdit

Utah JazzEdit

Memphis GrizzliesEdit

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