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Nassim Soleimanpour

Nassim Soleimanpour (born 10 December 1981 (19 Azar 1360 SH), Tehran)[1][2] is a playwright from Iran. Having refused compulsory military service in Iran, he was not allowed to leave the country until 2013 when he was granted a passport.[3]


Soleimanpour's 2010 play White Rabbit Red Rabbit has been performed widely and in more than 20 languages.[4][5] It is to be performed each night by a different actor, who has not seen the script before. First performed at the 2011 Edinburgh and Clubbed Thumb's Summerworks festivals,[6] it has since been performed by an array of A-list actors, including F. Murray Abraham, Wayne Brady, Bobby Cannavale, Darren Criss, Brian Dennehy, Joyce DiDonato, Whoopi Goldberg, Nathan Lane, Cynthia Nixon, Patrick Wilson, Stana Katic and many more at its premiere in New York City at the Westside Theatre in 2016 where it ran for 42 weeks, produced by Tom Kirdahy.[7][8][9][10] Soleimanpour first saw the play in 2013 at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Australia, during the World Theatre Festival.[3]

His play Blind Hamlet premiered during the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the Assembly Roxy.[11]

Nassim, which requires the actor and audience members to speak Farsi (Persian), premiered in Edinburgh in 2017[5]; Soleimanpour has since performed it worldwide including a four-month run in New York City.

Soleimanpour has won the Summerworks Outstanding New Performance Text Award and The Arches Brick Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2011 and at Dublin Fringe Festival the award for Best New Performance 2012.

He is represented by Berlin-based booking agency Aurora Nova.[12]


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