Nash Vesnik[1] (Macedonian Cyrillic: Наш Весник) was a local regional newspaper in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and later the Republic of Macedonia, now known as North Macedonia. First it was a monthly newspaper. Because of a great interest, it started to be published twice a month. Since April 1970 it was published weekly every Friday and since 1971 it became an official newspaper of the local government in Kumanovo. In 1989 the responsibility of the newspaper went to the Assembly of Macedonia.[2]

Nash Vesnik
Nash Vesnik Logo.png
Nash vesnik First Cover Page.png
Nash Vesnik first edition
TypeMonthly (1961-1962)
Twice a month (1962-1970)
Weekly (every Friday) (1970-2001)
Owner(s)Assembly of Kumanovo Municipality (1989-2001)
PublisherNRIO "Nash Vesnik"
EditorIvanka Mugrashanska (1961-1964)
Metodi Petrovski (1965-1969)
Trajko Pachkov (1969-1979)
Boris Burnazovski (1979-1982)
Nada Ivanovska (1982-1989)
Vojche Krstevski (1989-2001)
LaunchedNovember 11, 1961; 60 years ago (1961-11-11)
Ceased publication2001
Headquarters11 Oktomvri bb
CountryMacedonia (present-day North Macedonia)
Circulation1500 (as of 1961)
Sister newspapersNone
Free online archivesНаш Весник

The newspaper was financially supported by the government.[3] In 2018 the Director of the local Library in Kumanovo has announced that the newspaper will be digitized and available for reading in the library.[4][5][6][7]

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