Nanubhai Vakil

Nanubhai Vakil was a Hindi and Gujarati film director. He was the first to make a Gujarati talkie film with a biopic on the saint Narsinh Mehta in 1932. Narsinh Mehta's (1932) star cast included the actress Mehtab.

Nanubhai Vakil
Born(1902-05-23)23 May 1902
Died29 December 1980(1980-12-29) (aged 78)
OccupationFilm Director, Film Producer, Writer
Home townBulsar
Spouse(s)Anuradha Vakil
ChildrenRajesh Vakil, Rupa Joshi, Pradeep Vakil, Sunil Vakil, Navin Vakil and Jayshree Ramachandran
Parent(s)Bhimbhai Desai


Vakil frequently collaborated with Zubeida and Patience Cooper. The twelve-year-old Suraiya, who had done minor roles as a child artist in films like Usne Kya Socha (1937) was cast as the young Mumtaz in Taj Mahal (1941) by Vakil.[citation needed] Vakil later remade several of the silent films "based on Parsi theatre plays".[1] W. M. Khan, who became famous as the first person to sing in an Indian film, "De De Allah Ke Naam Pe Pyare" in Alam Ara (1931) was made to reprise that song and role when he was seventy-one years old by Nanubhai Vakil. The film was Vakil's version of Alam Ara (1973), produced by Maffatlal Shah, with music by Iqbal Qureshi.[2]


As a directorEdit

Year Film Notes
1929 Veer Pujan Silent film
1929 Tit For Tat Silent film
1929 Sinhaldweep Ki Sundari Silent film
1929 Kumud Kumari Silent film
1929 Dehna Daan Silent film
1930 Vifreli Waghan Silent film
1930 Vanraj Silent film
1930 Sorathi Baharvatiyo Silent film
1930 Sheikh Chilli Silent film
1930 Rasili Radha Silent film
1930 Ranakdevi Silent film
1930 Madhbhar Mohini Silent film
1930 Desh Deepak Silent film
1931 Noor-E-Alam Silent film
1931 Mojili Mashuq Silent film
1931 Hoor-E-Roshan Silent film
1931 Baghdad Nu Bulbul Silent film
1931 Azadi Nu Jung Silent film
1931 Albeli Mumbai Silent film
1932 Nakhreli Nar Silent film
1932 Baghdad Ka Badmash Silent film
1932 Narsinh Mehta First Gujarati talkie
1932 Bulbule Baghdad Hindi
1933 Bulbule Punjab Hindi
1934 Rashk-e-Laila Hindi, Writer
1934 Nand Ke Lala Hindi
1935 Birbal Ki Beti Hindi
1936 Mr. and Mrs. Bombay Hindi
1937 Fakhre Islam Hindi
1938 Banke Sanvaria Hindi
1941 Jadui Bandhan Hindi
1941 Taj Mahal Hindi
1943 Naya Zamana Hindi
1946 Baghdad Ka Chor Hindi
1947 Chithrabahavali Tamil
1947 Vedhalapuram Tamil
1954 Gul Bahar Hindi
1955 Hatimtai Ki Beti Hindi, Producer
1956 Lalkaar Hindi
1957 Bansari Bala Hindi
1958 Pehla Pehla Pyar Hindi
1959 Flying Rani Hindi
1964 Idd Ka Chand Hindi


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