Nanhai Academy

The Nanhai Academy (Chinese: 南海學園; pinyin: Nánhǎi Xuéyuán) is a collection of cultural and educational facilities located on Nanhai Road in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei, Taiwan.

Nanhai Academy
National Museum of History (Repulic of China).jpg
National Museum of History in the Nanhai Academy.
LocationTaipei, Taiwan


After the Republic of China Government relocated to Taiwan following the Chinese Civil War, President Chiang Kai-shek ordered its construction. The Ministry of Education and Chang Chi-yun planned the construction of five major social institutions located around the Taipei Botanical Garden. The majority of buildings were originally built during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan and were converted to a traditional Chinese architectural appearance during the 1950s and 1960s.

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Chinese-style roof of the original National Taiwan Science Education Center building.

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Confucius-Mencius Society of the Republic of China


The academy is accessible within walking distance East from Wanhua Station of Taiwan Railways.[citation needed]

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