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A NamPower employee at work.

NamPower is the national power utility company of Namibia. NamPower was founded in 1964 as the South West Africa Water and Electricity Corporation (SWAWEK) by the government of South Africa. Its offices are located in Windhoek. The early history of the company revolves around the Kunene River hydroelectric project.



NamPower operates 3 major electricity generating facilities:

  • Ruacana Power Station, a hydroelectric plant on the Kunene River at Ruacana at the Angolan border - 240 MW
  • Van Eck Thermal Plant in Windhoek, powered by coal - 120 MW
  • Anixas Power Station in Walvisbay, powered by diesel - 22.5 MW

There is also one standby diesel power station in Walvisbay, Paratus Thermal Plant, with 18 MW of output. As of 2007 NamPower is planning and building a new major hydroelectric facility at Popa Falls, on the Okavango River.

Renewable Energy ProjectsEdit


The country's first on-grid solar energy plant was commissioned in May 2015. It is operated by the independent power producer InnoSun and has a capacity of 4.5 MW.


NamPower conducted a pre-feasibility study on the so-called bush-to-electricity concept. The concept foresees the utilisation of excess woody biomass, of which the country possesses an estimated 200 million tonnes due to bush encroachment. Bush encroachment is the growth of bushes and trees at the expense of grass and is caused by overgrazing and climate change.

In 2015 NamPower has initiated the feasibility study on bush-to-electricity and formed a dedicated biomass project unit. Results and an investment decision are expected for late 2016.

A 20 MW biomass power plant requires an annual supply of 150.000 tonnes of chipped biomass, which can be supplied from within a 35 km radius in many regions of Namibia due to high bush densities (10 tonnes/ha).

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