Rainbow over Emek Bracha and Ziman Streets in Nahalat Yitzhak.

Nahalat Yitzhak is a neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel.


Nahalat Yitzhak was founded in 1925, east of the Ayalon River, by a group of Jews who came from Kaunas (Kovno), Lithuania.[1] The neighborhood is named after Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Spektor, Chief Rabbi of Kovno, who wrote a book called "River of Isaac".

Hebrew plaque citing the name of the neighborhood.

In 1931 the neighborhood had 36 houses and a population of 134 people. It was established on the border of the German Colony Sarona, adjacent to the Borochov neighborhood, the first neighborhood of Giv'atayim. At the beginning it was a farming neighborhood of homesteads. Later a number of industrial plants were built on the neighborhood's outskirts, among them "Tara Dairies", "Yitzhar" factory (the area where Tel Aviv Towers stand), and a number of flour mills.

In 1958 the interior minister annexed the neighborhood to Giv'atayim, but the Israel Supreme Court reversed the decision after it became clear that the position of opponents of the annexation were not heard, and the neighborhood remained in the jurisdiction of Tel Aviv.

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Coordinates: 32°04′32″N 34°47′55″E / 32.07556°N 34.79861°E / 32.07556; 34.79861