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Coordinates: 33°16′11.42″N 35°34′40.26″E / 33.2698389°N 35.5778500°E / 33.2698389; 35.5778500

Iyyon waterfall

Nahal Iyyon (Hebrew: נחל עיון‎, lit. Iyyon Stream; Arabic: براغيثbureighith[1]) is a perennial stream in the Galilee Panhandle, Israel. The stream originates from the springs in the Marjayoun valley in southern Lebanon, and runs southward for seven kilometers in various irrigation ditches, until flowing into Israel near Metulla, as a tributary of the Jordan River in the Hula Valley.[2]

Tahana waterfall


Nature ReserveEdit

Eshed Fall

Differences in elevation form waterfalls in the streams course. During the rainy winter months, the water-flow is strongest. During the summer months, water is diverted, closer to the stream's sources, for crop irrigation. These falls were declared a nature reserve,[3] and include:

  • Iyyon waterfall, 9.2 m
  • Tahana waterfall (=flourmill), 21 m
  • Eshed waterfall, with two steps, 5 m and 9 m
  • Tanur waterfall, 30 m

Flora and faunaEdit

Tree types in the reserve include Pistacia palaestina, Rhamnus palaestinus, and Acer obtusifolium maple. Other growth includes Spanish broom, rubus, Cyclamen persicum, and Anemones.

Grey wagtails can be found during the winter months, as well as white-throated kingfishers and common kestrels.

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