Nagano Broadcasting Systems

Nagano Broadcasting Systems Inc. (株式会社長野放送, Kabushiki-gaisha Nagano Hoso), also known as NBS, is a Japanese broadcast network affiliated with the FNN. Their headquarters are located in Nagano Prefecture.


Nagano Broadcasting Systems


  • 1 April 1969: it was set up second broadcasting station of Nagano Prefecture.
  • 1 October 2006 digital terrestrial television was started(Utsukushigahara Main Station,Zenkoji-daira Station,Matsumoto Station,Okaya-Suwa Station,Ina Station and Iida Station).


  • NBS Super News
  • NBS News

Analog stationsEdit

  • Utsukushigahara(Main Station) JOLH-TV 38ch
  • Iida 40ch
  • Zenkoji-daira 42ch
  • Okaya-Suwa 47ch
  • Matsumoto 42ch
  • Ina 57ch

Digital stations(ID:8)Edit

  • Utsukushigahara(Main Station) JOLH-DTV 15ch
  • Iida 49ch
  • Zenkoji-daira 34ch
  • Okaya-Suwa 49ch
  • Matsumoto 26ch
  • Ina 26ch

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