Naakulabye, also Nakulabye, is a neighborhood within the city of Kampala, the capital and largest city in Uganda.

Naakulabye is located in Kampala
Location in Kampala
Coordinates: 00°19′30″N 32°33′36″E / 0.32500°N 32.56000°E / 0.32500; 32.56000
CountryFlag of Uganda.svg Uganda
RegionCentral Uganda
DistrictKampala Capital City Authority
DivisionLubaga Division
3,900 ft (1,200 m)


Naakulabye is located in Lubaga Division, in northwestern Kampala. It is bordered by Makerere Kikoni to the north, Makerere University Main Campus to the northeast and east, Old Kampala to the southeast, Namirembe Hill to the south, Lusaze to the west and Kasubi to the northwest.[1] This location is approximately 1 mile (1.6 km), by road, north of Kampala's central business district.[2] The coordinates of Naakulabye are:0°19'30.0"N, 32°33'36.0"E (Latitude:0.3250; Longitude:32.5600).[3]


Naakulabye is a working-class neighborhood, centered on the confluence of the Kampala–Hoima Road Southbound, Kampala–Hoima Road Northbound, Makerere Hill Road and Balintuma Road. There is a busy farmers market, numerous shops, bars and restaurants. Near the main roads, there are decent buildings. including several high-rise student hostels. As one ventures deeper into the neighborhood, the environment degrades into one of Kampala's biggest slums. Crime is high in the area, consistent with similarly congested, low-income areas of Kampala.[4]

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Coordinates: 00°19′30″N 32°33′36″E / 0.32500°N 32.56000°E / 0.32500; 32.56000