NUTS statistical regions of Norway

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As a member of EFTA, Norway (NO) is not included in the Classification of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS), but in a similar classification used for coding statistical regions of countries that are not part of the EU but are candidate countries, potential candidates or EFTA countries. The three levels are:

  • level 1 (equivalent to NUTS level 1): Norway
  • level 2 (equivalent to NUTS level 2): 7 Regions
  • level 3 (equivalent to NUTS level 3): 19 Counties
NUTS statistical regions of Norway.png

The codes are as follows:

NO0 Norway
NO01 Oslo og Akershus
NO011 Oslo
NO012 Akershus
NO02 Hedmark og Oppland
NO021 Hedmark
NO022 Oppland
NO03 Sør-Østlandet
NO031 Østfold
NO032 Buskerud
NO033 Vestfold
NO034 Telemark
NO04 Agder og Rogaland
NO041 Aust-Agder
NO042 Vest-Agder
NO043 Rogaland
NO05 Vestlandet
NO051 Hordaland
NO052 Sogn og Fjordane
NO053 Møre og Romsdal
NO06 Trøndelag
NO061 Sør-Trøndelag
NO062 Nord-Trøndelag
NO07 Nord-Norge
NO071 Nordland
NO072 Troms
NO073 Finnmark

Below these levels, there are two LAU levels (LAU-1: economic regions; LAU-2: municipalities).

The LAU codes of Norway can be downloaded here: [1]Page white excel.png

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