NK Maribor B

Nogometni klub Maribor "B" (English: Maribor B Football Club), commonly referred to as NK Maribor B or simply Maribor B, was an association football club based in the city of Maribor, Slovenia. Founded in 2014, NK Maribor B was the reserve team of NK Maribor. The team was dissolved following the 2016–17 season.[3][4]

Maribor B
NK Maribor.svg
Full nameNogometni klub Maribor B
Nickname(s)Vijoličasti (The Purples)
FoundedJune 2014; 7 years ago (2014-06)[1][2]
DissolvedJune 2017; 4 years ago (2017-06)[3][4]
GroundTabor Sports Park
WebsiteClub website

Reserve teams in Slovenia play in the same league system as the senior teams, however, they cannot play in the same competition as their senior teams, and thus, Maribor B was ineligible to play in the Slovenian PrvaLiga or the Slovenian Cup. During the first two seasons the team was also ineligible for promotion to the Slovenian Second League, 2. SNL, due to the rules of the Football Association of Slovenia which prevented reserve teams of the PrvaLiga clubs to play in the Slovenian Second League. This rule was lifted in June 2016.[5] Only players between the age of 17 and 23 had the right to play for the team, with the exception of individuals, members of the first squad, who would become eligible to play for the team in case of a lengthy injury.[6][7]

Maribor B played their first match on 10 July 2014 on a neutral venue in Dokležovje, when they faced Bosnia and Herzegovina top division side Sloboda Tuzla in an international friendly match and lost with the score 1–0.[8][9] The team played their first official league match on 23 August 2014 against Mons Claudius in Rogatec and won with the score 9–1.[10] After six wins in six rounds, with the goal difference 26–8, Maribor B suffered their first league defeat on 12 October 2014 when they were defeated 1–0 in an away match against Podvinci.[11] The team finished their inaugural season as the winners of the northern group in the Slovenian Third League, however, they were unable to promote due to the rules of the Football Association of Slovenia.[12]



Champions   Runners-up   Promoted Relegated Top scorer in the competition ♦

Domestic recordEdit

Season Division P W D L F A Pts Pos Cup Supercup Competition Result Name Goals
League Other Top scorer
List of year ranges, representing seasons, and displaying the numbers and types of accomplishments of awards by the team and its players during those timeframes
2014–15 Div 3 26 22 1 3 80 25 67 1st   Alen Ploj 20
2015–16 Div 3 26 18 7 1 102 24 61 2nd   Sven Dodlek 19
2016–17 Div 3 26 21 3 2 107 25 66 1st   Anel Hajrić 33 ♦


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