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NHK Radio 1 (NHKラジオ第1放送, NHK Rajio Dai-ichi Hōsō) is Japan's oldest radio station operated by the public broadcaster, NHK. Its programming output, which consists of news, current affairs, and information programming is broadly similar to BBC Radio 4, CBC Radio One, and Deutschlandfunk.[citation needed] NHK Radio 1 is available mainly on AM. The callsign is JOAK in Tokyo. It started broadcasting on March 22, 1925. During World War 2 it often broadcast official announcements.[1]

NHK Radio 1
TypeNews, Speech, Drama, local programming
First air date
March 22, 1925
Broadcast area
594 kHz MW (JOAK, Tokyo)
WebcastNHK Net Radio
Official website


Before in 2020
Tokyo:594 (Power:300kW,2020 in 500kW)
Osaka:666 (Power:100kW,2020 in 500kW)
Sapporo:567 (Power:100kW)
Fukuoka:612 (Power:100kW)
Nagoya:729 (Power:50kW,2020 in 300kW)

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