View of Néchin

Néchin is a village in Belgium and part of the municipality of Estaimpuis.

The village of Néchin has become known for the number of French millionaires living there. It benefits from its location next to the French border, close to the Lille Métropole metropolitan area, and from Belgium's tax laws which are advantageous to people with high earnings from stock or capital gains, compared to the laws in France.[1] Members of the Mulliez family, owners of the Auchan hypermarket chain and Decathlon sports stores, own a number of properties. In 2012 it was reported that Gérard Depardieu was purchasing a house in the village.[2]


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Coordinates: 50°40′01″N 3°16′05″E / 50.667°N 3.268°E / 50.667; 3.268