My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (season 8)

The eighth season of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, developed by Lauren Faust, originally aired on the Discovery Family channel in the United States. The series is based on Hasbro's My Little Pony line of toys and animated works and is often referred by collectors to be the fourth generation, or "G4", of the My Little Pony franchise. Season 8 of the series premiered on March 24, 2018, on Discovery Family, an American pay television channel partly owned by Hasbro, and concluded on October 13.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (season 8)
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes26
Original networkDiscovery Family
Original releaseMarch 24 (2018-03-24) –
October 13, 2018 (2018-10-13)
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Large portions of Season 8 focus upon Twilight Sparkle's newly-established School of Friendship, and its class of students representing six different creatures.


On May 25, 2017, supervising director Jim Miller announced via Twitter an eighth season for the series.[1] At Hasbro's first self-themed convention (aptly named HasCon) on September 9, an animatic from an upcoming episode was shown.[2]

On February 8, 2018, Discovery Family's March press release states that this season, "viewers will witness major milestones featuring the introduction of Starlight Glimmer’s parents and Princess Celestia's big acting debut. Additionally, the Mane 6’s Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are accompanied by six new creatures including Ocellus the Changeling, Silverstream the Hippogriff/Seapony, Smolder the Dragon, Gallus the Griffin, Yona the Yak and Sandbar the Pony, joining them on epic adventures throughout new and familiar lands such as Mount Aris, Everfree Forest, Las Pegasus and more. Fan-favorite characters Maud Pie, Spike, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Queen Chrysalis and Discord return with exciting storylines and a whole lot of magic!"[3]





Single rolesEdit

Multiple rolesEdit

  • Ingrid Nilson as Maud Pie, Limestone Pie, and Marble Pie
  • Peter New as Big McIntosh[nc 2] and Goldie Delicious
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Granny Smith, Mrs. Cake, Princess Flurry Heart, and Muffins
  • Kathleen Barr as Queen Chrysalis and Trixie Lulamoon
  1. ^ Arielle Tuliao provides Scootaloo's singing voice in "Surf and/or Turf" instead of Peters.
  2. ^ Has an uncredited speaking role in "Fake It 'Til You Make It".

Guest starsEdit

Single rolesEdit

Multiple rolesEdit

  • Tariq Leslie as Big Bucks and Hoo'Far


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1701"School Daze" (Part 1)Denny Lu and Mike MyhreMichael Vogel and Nicole DubucMarch 24, 2018 (2018-03-24)
Following their adventure to save Equestria from the Storm King (as shown in My Little Pony: The Movie), Twilight Sparkle and her friends return home to discover that the Cutie Map has expanded to cover lands beyond Equestria. Twilight receives approval from the Equestria Education Association (EEA) to open a school to teach the benefits of friendship, with her friends serving as teachers and staff. She also welcomes five students from other species to attend: Gallus, a sarcastic griffon; Yona, a clumsy yak; Smolder, a cocky dragon; Ocellus, a timid changeling; and Silverstream, an excitable hippogriff. The students initially enjoy the school, but grow bored by the EEA's strict teaching guidelines. They decide to skip class and become friends, but accidentally wreak havoc during an evaluation conducted by EEA head Chancellor Neighsay. Convinced that the non-pony students are dangerous, Neighsay immediately shuts the school down.
1712"School Daze" (Part 2)Denny Lu and Mike MyhreMichael Vogel and Nicole DubucMarch 24, 2018 (2018-03-24)
A depressed Twilight mulls over her School of Friendship being unaccredited until Starlight Glimmer encourages her to try again without following the EEA's rules. She and her friends attempt to convince the other species' leaders to let their students return to the school, only to learn that the students have all run away from home, unwilling to part with each other. The ponies discover that Sandbar has been hiding the other students at the Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest, where they rescue them from being attacked by a horde of pukwudgies. The students agree to give the school another chance after the ponies assure them things will be different. Chancellor Neighsay confronts Twilight for her unauthorized re-opening of the school, but Twilight asserts her authority as Princess of Friendship and writes her own set of school rules to supersede those of the EEA. Twilight's friends use unique teaching methods to make the school more appealing, and the leaders allow their students to continue their studies in Equestria.
1723"The Maud Couple"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreNick ConfaloneMarch 31, 2018 (2018-03-31)
Pinkie Pie learns that her sister Maud is dating a stallion named Mudbriar, who has an interest in sticks similar to Maud's interest in rocks, and is as outwardly dull and blunt as she is. Although Maud and Mudbriar are happy together, Pinkie fails to notice their similarities, finding Mudbriar's personality and quirks to be annoying and strange. Unable to comprehend their relationship, Pinkie eventually becomes convinced that Maud prefers Mudbriar over her and flees to her family's rock farm in despair. After her sisters Limestone and Marble help Pinkie realize that Maud's happiness with Mudbriar is all that matters, Pinkie returns and makes peace with Mudbriar, putting up with him for Maud's sake.
1734"Fake It 'Til You Make It"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreJosh HamiltonApril 7, 2018 (2018-04-07)
Rarity leaves Fluttershy in charge of her boutique in Manehattan while she is out of town for a fashion show in Canterlot. Fluttershy is intimidated by the pushy customers, so Rarity advises her to wear an outfit to boost her confidence. Taking Rarity's advice to heart, Fluttershy begins dressing up and acting out different characters to match her customers' personalities, which helps the store's sales. However, she takes her role playing so far that she begins driving customers away with her rude behavior, getting rid of her raccoon helpers as well. The raccoons bring Fluttershy's friends to help, but she kicks them out of the store. Her friends then turn to Rarity, who fires Fluttershy, bringing her back to her senses. Fluttershy apologizes to her friends, and Rarity assures her that she already has the inner strength needed to succeed.
1745"Grannies Gone Wild"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreGillian M. BerrowApril 14, 2018 (2018-04-14)
Rainbow Dash is eager to ride the Wild Blue Yonder, a famous roller coaster in Las Pegasus, before it permanently closes. Applejack agrees to take over Rainbow Dash's classes at the School of Friendship if she chaperones Granny Smith and her elderly friends for their annual Las Pegasus vacation, strictly instructing Rainbow Dash to never let them overexert themselves or leave her sight. Rainbow Dash reluctantly accepts, and attempts to convince the grannies to rest in their hotel so she can have time for herself. However, the grannies sneak off while Rainbow Dash discovers the coaster's long waiting line, forcing Rainbow Dash to spend most of the day following them and interfering with their exciting activities, much to their annoyance. When Rainbow Dash apologizes for ruining their fun and explains she is only following Applejack's instructions, the grannies laugh over Applejack's overprotectiveness and invite Rainbow Dash to ride the coaster with them, using their VIP passes to skip the line.
1756"Surf and/or Turf"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreBrian HohlfeldApril 21, 2018 (2018-04-21)
The Cutie Map summons the Cutie Mark Crusaders to the hippogriffs' kingdom on Mount Aris, where, after the Storm King's defeat, half of its citizens have decided to live in the underwater city of Seaquestria as seaponies. The young hippogriff Terramar cannot decide whether he belongs on land with his father or underwater with his mother. The Crusaders are unable to agree among themselves—Sweetie Belle arguing for the mountain's captivating landscape while Scootaloo favors the fun of swimming with the sea creatures—which makes Terramar even more indecisive. The three arrange a gathering of hippogriffs and seaponies at the shoreline for Terramar, whose parents tell him he is not limited to choosing one place to live. Encouraged, Terramar settles on living as both a hippogriff and a seapony.
1767"Horse Play"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreKaita MpambaraApril 28, 2018 (2018-04-28)
Twilight organizes a stage play honoring the anniversary of Princess Celestia's first raising of the sun. Learning that Celestia has never been in a play despite her love of theater, Twilight offers her the lead role, to Celestia's glee. As Rainbow Dash excitedly spreads the word of Celestia's involvement across Equestria, however, Twilight is mortified by Celestia's poor acting skills and fears that Celestia will humiliate herself in front of her subjects, but she keeps it to herself to avoid hurting Celestia's feelings. When the day of the play arrives and Celestia's performance has not improved, Twilight panics and unwittingly vents her frustrations with Celestia in front of her, causing Celestia to storm off. Twilight apologizes to Celestia for lying and admits she only intended to repay Celestia for her years of guidance. Celestia agrees to help Twilight salvage the play by directing the other actors from backstage, making it a success.
1778"The Parent Map"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreDave RappMay 5, 2018 (2018-05-05)
Starlight and Sunburst are unenthused to learn the Cutie Map has summoned them to their childhood home of Sire's Hollow, due to their strained relationship with their parents: Firelight, Starlight's over-affectionate father, and Stellar Flare, Sunburst's domineering mother. They are further dismayed when their mission appears to be settling a feud between the two parents, but find this is not the case after ending the fight quickly. Starlight and Sunburst try to avoid their parents as much as possible while they look for their real mission, only for their parents to continually meddle with their search. After finally snapping at their parents for their unwanted interference, Starlight and Sunburst realize their estrangement from them is the problem they were summoned to solve. The two complete their mission by apologizing to their parents, who agree to give them more independence.
1789"Non-Compete Clause"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreKim Beyer-JohnsonMay 12, 2018 (2018-05-12)
Applejack and Rainbow Dash compete with each other to receive the "Teacher of the Month" award at the School of Friendship. Twilight selects them to lead a field trip together to teach their students about teamwork, but their constant bickering over which activities they should do creates problems. Persuading Twilight to give them another chance, the two continue the trip by letting the other take the lead, which takes up more of their focus than teaching their students. When their polite argument over making a bridge leaves them stuck over a river, the students work together to save them. The students vouch for them as teacher of the month by telling Twilight that the two were arguing on purpose to teach them the incorrect way of working as a team, but Twilight catches on to the truth, causing Applejack and Rainbow Dash to argue all over again.
17910"The Break Up Break Down"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreNick ConfaloneMay 19, 2018 (2018-05-19)[nb 1]
On Hearts and Hooves Day, Big McIntosh sends to Sugar Belle a romantic package that is lost in the mail, being sent to Sweetie Belle by mistake. When Big Mac notices Sugar Belle at Sugarcube Corner later, he overhears her talking with Mrs. Cake about ending a relationship with someone, and concludes that she means to break up with him. Spike and Discord attempt to console the heartbroken Big Mac, with Discord suggesting he assert himself by breaking up with her before she has the opportunity. After he does so, breaking her heart, Big Mac realizes he has only been letting out his frustrations and returns to her to have a proper conversation over their breakup. Sugar Belle reveals she never received Big Mac's package and had actually planned to end her business relationship with her cousin so she could begin working in Ponyville, never intending to leave Big Mac. Realizing their miscommunication, the two get back together.
18011"Molt Down"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreJosh HaberMay 26, 2018 (2018-05-26)[nb 1]
Spike begins experiencing bizarre body changes such as pimple-like blemishes, losing control of his fire breath, and emitting foul stenches. Smolder explains that Spike is molting, which all dragons undergo during adolescence; she adds that the molting process typically causes dragons to be kicked out of their homes, which Spike worries is the case when Twilight tells him to leave the Castle of Friendship to keep him from accidentally burning their belongings. When he visits Zecora for a solution, his smell unwittingly attracts a predatory roc that catches Zecora, and Rarity. Spike molts all of his skin to find he has grown a pair of wings, which allows him to fend the roc off and rescue his friends. Afterward, Twilight assures Spike that she has no intention of getting rid of him, and promises to help him get used to his changes.
18112"Marks for Effort"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreNicole DubucJune 2, 2018 (2018-06-02)[nb 1]
Bored with their ordinary classes, the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt to enroll at the more exciting School of Friendship, but Twilight turns them away, saying they have already mastered the curriculum. The Crusaders later meet a young student from the school named Cozy Glow, who is struggling with her homework, and figure that helping her would be just as good as attending Twilight's school. Cozy Glow aces her assignment under their tutelage, and asks them to help her prepare for an upcoming test. When Cozy Glow fails the test and explains the Crusaders' involvement, however, Twilight believes the Crusaders intentionally gave her poor guidance and bans them from the school grounds. Later, Cozy Glow confesses that she failed her test on purpose to make Twilight consider accepting the Crusaders as students like they wanted. After Cozy Glow apologizes to the Crusaders, Twilight withdraws their ban and gives them honorary diplomas, granting them positions at the school as official friendship tutors.
18213"The Mean 6"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreMichael VogelJune 9, 2018 (2018-06-09)[nb 1][nb 2]
Queen Chrysalis creates evil clones of Twilight and her friends to seize control of the Elements of Harmony and exact revenge against Starlight. Chrysalis and the clones search for the Elements in the Everfree Forest, where the real ponies and Starlight are on a camping trip. Wandering off from each other, the ponies encounter their clones, who mistreat and insult them. Mistaking the clones for their actual friends, the real ponies get into a heated argument when they eventually regroup. However, Twilight quickly manages to resolve the argument, and they happily resume their trip. Meanwhile, Chrysalis and the clones find the Tree of Harmony, but the Elements destroy the clones when they attempt to use them to betray Chrysalis, who once again swears revenge against the oblivious ponies.
18314"A Matter of Principals"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreNicole DubucAugust 4, 2018 (2018-08-04)[nb 3]
The Cutie Map calls the Mane 6 to a mission far away from Ponyville. Twilight leaves Starlight Glimmer to run the school and do a scavenger hunt while they're gone. Discord appears and offers to help out, but Starlight refuses. A resentful Discord begins to unleash chaos on the school with Starlight trying to control each situation. She gets fed up with his antics, and banishes Discord from the school grounds with her magic. The scavenger hunt goes underway afterwards, but Discord, manifesting as a ghost, sabotages it. Starlight realizes what she did to Discord was wrong in turning down his offer to help, and apologizes to him. She unbanishes Discord and offers him the position of vice headmare. He accepts it and helps re-do the scavenger hunt. However, the Mane 6 return and Twilight reveals that Discord created a fake friendship mission to send them away, but thanks Starlight for helping run the school.
18415"The Hearth's Warming Club"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreBrian HohlfeldAugust 4, 2018 (2018-08-04)[nb 4]
As the School of Friendship is about to go on winter break, a cloaked figure covers the Hearth's Warming Eve decorations in purple goo. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Spike chase the figure into the students' dormitory but do not see it leave, leading them to conclude that one of these six is responsible. The guilty party will have to stay over the break for extra friendship lessons; if none of them confesses, all of them will stay and miss the holidays. As the students begin cleaning up and Rainbow calls them in for questioning, they describe the way their respective cultures celebrate the holidays. None of them confesses, leading to accusations and arguments that eventually spur Gallus to admit that he pulled the prank; he wanted to stay on campus with his friends instead of going home to Griffonstone and its dreary celebration. Having overheard, Twilight thanks him for his honesty but says that he must still face punishment. The other students volunteer to stay with Gallus, and Twilight invites the entire group to celebrate Hearth's Warming with her and her friends.
18516"Friendship University"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreChris "Doc" Wyatt and Kevin BurkeAugust 11, 2018 (2018-08-11)[nb 5]
When Twilight learns that a new friendship school has opened in Las Pegasus, she and Rarity travel there to check it out. The school, Friendship University, is run by Flim and Flam and has enrolled Starswirl the Bearded, to Twilight's shock, and Chancellor Neighsay grants it full accreditation. Twilight and Rarity begin to investigate, with Rarity taking classes and Twilight sneaking into the brothers' office to search for evidence that the school is a fraud. They catch her in the act and threaten to publish a photo of the break-in to ruin her reputation; Twilight acquiesces at first in the face of Starswirl's disapproval, but Rarity persuades her not to give up. The two mares soon discover that the brothers are charging high fees for the worksheets needed to complete the coursework (based on a stolen copy of Twilight's own curriculum) and planning to use the money to expand their Las Pegasus resort. When Starswirl learns of the scheme, he intimidates them into refunding the students' money and shutting down Friendship University. He promises to attend the School of Friendship if he needs lessons in the future, but Twilight and Rarity are left wondering how Flim and Flam could have gotten the lesson plans.
18617"The End in Friend"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreGillian M. BerrowAugust 18, 2018 (2018-08-18)[nb 6]
While helping Twilight Sparkle teach a class on compromise, Rainbow Dash and Rarity get into an argument on how to spend their day off. Twilight and the students accompany them for a practical demonstration, but neither shows much interest in the other's pursuits (buckball and fashion) and they get so annoyed with each other that they declare their friendship to be at an end. Starlight Glimmer tries in vain to reconcile them, then receives word that a magical artifact has been stolen from the School of Friendship. Rainbow and Rarity are dispatched to track it down, but continue to aggravate one another as they follow the artifact's trail to a swamp. Working together, they cross safely to the far shore, follow the trail up a mountainside, and find a secret passage that leads back to campus. There they learn that Twilight, Starlight, and Spike faked the theft to remind them of their friendship. Having developed a new appreciation for each other's interests, Rainbow and Rarity leave to go shopping for some new buckball playing gear (for Rainbow) and fan attire (for Rarity).
18718[11]"Yakity-Sax"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreMichael P. Fox and Wil FoxAugust 25, 2018 (2018-08-25)[nb 7]
Pinkie Pie has taken up the yovidaphone, a popular instrument in Yakyakistan, but her inept practicing becomes an annoyance to the residents of Ponyville. Her friends let her keep at it, hoping that she will improve; however, her playing remains as bad as ever and starts to interfere with their daily lives. She abandons the instrument at their urging, outwardly cheerful but secretly heartbroken. When the others realize her true emotional state, they try in vain to re-engage her in activities that she enjoys and is good at. A few days later, they learn from Maud that Pinkie is moving to Yakyakistan and travel there to find her listening to a performance by a yovidaphone master. The music depresses her even further, since she is convinced she will never play that well. With a bit of encouragement from her friends, Pinkie plays the master's yoviaphone, and even though her playing is as discordant as before, she regains her happy temperament and earns an ovation from the yaks in the audience, since the master explains that the whole point of the yovidaphone is to bring joy to those who play it.
18819"Road to Friendship"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreJosh HaberSeptember 1, 2018 (2018-09-01)[nb 8]
After a successful magic show in Ponyville, Trixie decides to do a tour in Saddle Arabia and take Starlight along. The two get along well at first, but start to get on each other's nerves once they reach the desert village of Somnambula. Starlight's reckless spending leaves them short of money, and they have to spend the night in Trixie's cramped wagon since all the inns are full. They aggravate each other all night long, and the next day degenerates into an exchange of insults. The next day, Starlight trades Trixie's wagon for a larger one without telling her; furious, Trixie sends her home with it and tries to continue the tour alone. Starlight eventually returns to apologize for making the trade, and the two persuade its original owner – a Saddle Arabian unicorn named Hoo'Far, who had enjoyed the show in Ponyville – to return Trixie's wagon by embarrassing themselves in front of him for the sake of friendship. Returning to Ponyville, Trixie and Starlight are happy for at least having made the attempt and for learning that they should not do it again.
18920"The Washouts"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreNick ConfaloneSeptember 8, 2018 (2018-09-08)[nb 9]
When Rainbow Dash learns that Scootaloo has taken an interest in a stunt team called the Washouts, she fears that she may lose her number-one fan. The team's show is filled with dangerous tricks that impress Rainbow in spite of herself, and she discovers that all the members have been thrown out of the Wonderbolts – including her old rival Lightning Dust. Their refusal to follow basic safety protocols worries Rainbow, but neither she nor Wonderbolt captain Spitfire can disabuse Scootaloo of her fascination with the Washouts. In a fit of rebellion, Scootaloo joins the team so she can have a chance to do something amazing despite being unable to fly. Lightning pressures her into doing an extremely dangerous, untested ramp jump on a rocket-powered scooter, but Rainbow saves her just in time and the scooter drags Lightning away into the sky. The two apologize to one another, Scootaloo for not seeing the danger Lightning put her in and Rainbow for letting her ego get in the way of being a good role model, and Rainbow starts a new fan club in Scootaloo's honor.
19021"A Rockhoof and a Hard Place"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreKaita MpambaraSeptember 15, 2018 (2018-09-15)[nb 10]
After Rockhoof causes damage to the site of his old village during an archaeological dig, Twilight Sparkle hires him as a teacher at the School of Friendship. Although the students are captivated by his story of fighting an Ursa Major, he inadvertently disrupts classes all over campus while telling it and fighting what he thinks is an out-of-control fire. Twilight and her friends try to find Rockhoof a job in Ponyville, without success, and she and Applejack take him to visit the other Pillars of Equestria and see how they have adapted to modern society. The visits leave Rockhoof more dejected, and after accidentally steering a hippogriff naval vessel aground, he decides to have Twilight turn him into a statue. Yona persuades him to reconsider by reading him an essay on heroism she wrote for class, and he finds that the entire town is eager to hear the rest of his Ursa Major story. Recognizing that Rockhoof can serve as a living connection to Equestria's past, Twilight appoints him as the realm's Keeper of Tales.
19122"What Lies Beneath"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreMichael VogelSeptember 22, 2018 (2018-09-22)[nb 11]
The Young Six's worries over an upcoming exam are worsened by Cozy Glow's comments that friendship goes against the non-pony students' nature. A light shining from a floor grate in the School of Friendship's library leads them to a network of caverns, where an image of Twilight Sparkle puts them to a series of tests that they must pass in order to escape. Each student is confronted with his/her worst fear, but they help each other to overcome these and prove to the phantom Twilight – actually the Tree of Harmony – that they do understand the nature of friendship. Once they return to the library, exhausted from the night's adventure, Cozy Glow apologizes for her earlier words and arranges for them to get an extension on their exam.
19223"Sounds of Silence"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreGregory BonsignoreSeptember 29, 2018 (2018-09-29)[nb 12]
On a friendship mission to the Peaks of Peril, Applejack and Fluttershy find a village inhabited by Kirin, who do not speak or show any emotion. A talkative outcast Kirin named Autumn Blaze explains to Applejack that an argument between Kirin once caused them to turn into angry, fiery creatures called Nirik and burn down their village. They bathed in a magic stream that cooled their emotions, but also silenced their voices; Autumn later found a flower that allowed her to speak again, but the village became irritated with her chatter and exiled her. Applejack and Fluttershy argue over the wisdom of giving the cure to the others, leading the Kirin to carry them toward the stream, but Autumn arrives as a Nirik to stop them. Reverting to Kirin form, she convinces the others that they can channel any anger they feel into non-destructive outlets. After a group of squirrels leads Applejack and Fluttershy to the flowers that Autumn used for the cure, the Kirin regain their voices and welcome Autumn back to the village.
19324"Father Knows Beast"Denny Lu and Mike MyhreJosh HaberOctober 6, 2018 (2018-10-06)[nb 13]
As Twilight Sparkle starts to worry that Spike's upbringing among ponies may have held him back in exploring his dragon heritage, an adult male dragon named Sludge crash-lands in Ponyville. Spike takes him back to the Castle of Friendship so he and the Mane Six can help him recover from his injuries, and Sludge reveals that he is Spike's father and has been trying to find him for years. As Spike and Sludge spend time together, Sludge persuades Spike to give up his comfortable lifestyle in the Castle, while secretly planning to move in and enjoy its luxuries for himself. Spike accuses Twilight of being jealous that he has a real parent in his life, but Smolder is unimpressed with Sludge's loafing and tells Spike that dragons should not act that way. With her help, Spike tricks Sludge into thinking that both of them are going to move out of the Castle and into a cave. Sludge admits that he is not Spike's father and leaves, and Spike apologizes to Twilight and acknowledges her as his family.
19425"School Raze" (Part 1)Denny Lu and Mike MyhreNicole DubucOctober 13, 2018 (2018-10-13)[nb 14]
After a malfunctioning spell endangers the students, the ponies discover that magic has been failing across Equestria. Upon Cozy Glow's suggestion, the Mane 6 and Spike travel to Tartarus to check on the magic-eating centaur Lord Tirek. Tirek reveals he has been keeping contact with a protege to help him exact a revenge plot to trick the group into trapping themselves in Tartarus. At the school, Cozy Glow assumes the role of headmare at the school despite Twilight appointing Starlight. Chancellor Neighsay then seizes control from her and detains the Young Six believing them to be responsible for the failing magic. Feining a change of allegiance to escape, Sandbar seeks the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Underneath the school, they discover that Cozy Glow has been using the school's magical artifacts to imprison Starlight and drain magic from Equestria, intent to rule it as the Empress of Friendship.
19526"School Raze" (Part 2)Denny Lu and Mike MyhreJosh HaberOctober 13, 2018 (2018-10-13)[nb 15]
At the School of Friendship, Cozy Glow, Tirek's protege, turns the student population against Neighsay, trapping him in his office and regaining control of the school. Sandbar frees the Young Six who then free Neighsay and formulate a plan to remove the magical artifacts to shut down the spell but Cozy Glow convinces the other students that they are responsible for the disappearing magic. In the ensuing struggle, the Young Six get trapped in the spell's vortex but are rescued by the Tree of Harmony's magic. Removing the artifacts, the spell is shut down and magic everywhere is restored. Having escaped Tartarus by coercing Tirek's help, the Mane 6 prevents Cozy Glow's escape and Twilight tries to explain to her that gaining power is not the purpose of friendship. A remorseful Neighsay returns control of the school to Twilight learning that non-ponies are equally capable of friendship. Now imprisoned in Tartarus, Cozy Glow asks Tirek if he wants to be friends with her.


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