Muya (river)

The Muya (Russian: Муя) is a left tributary of the Vitim in Buryatia, Russia. It is 365 kilometres (227 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 11,900 square kilometres (4,600 sq mi).[1]

Native nameМуя  (Russian)
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
56°24′17″N 115°40′20″E / 56.4047°N 115.6723°E / 56.4047; 115.6723Coordinates: 56°24′17″N 115°40′20″E / 56.4047°N 115.6723°E / 56.4047; 115.6723
Length365 km (227 mi)
Basin size11,900 km2 (4,600 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionVitimLenaLaptev Sea

The area through which the river flows is sparsely populated, the only settlement on the river being Taksimo, with the small village of Ust-Muya located where the river flows into the Vitim.[2] The Muya is navigable for small craft from the Vitim around 70 kilometres (43 mi) to Taksimo.

The Muya has lent its name to a number of other geographic features, including the Muysky Range, as well as the local government district Muysky Rayon.


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