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Air is a visual novel developed by Key and published by VisualArt's in 2000. The story follows Yukito Kunisaki, a traveler who arrives in a quiet seaside town during summer who is on a search for the "girl in the sky" that his now-deceased mother told him about and was searching for too. In town, Yukito meets three strange girls and Yukito begins to suspect that one of them may in fact be the girl he has been searching for. It was adapted by Toei Animation into an animated film in 2005 directed by Osamu Dezaki with music direction by Yoshikazu Suo. Kyoto Animation also adapted it into a 13-episode anime television series broadcast in 2005, along with an additional two episodes also broadcast in 2005, directed by Tatsuya Ishihara with music direction by Shinji Orito. The discography of Air and its anime adaptations consists of one EP, one single, two soundtracks, and three remix albums.

Air discography
Soundtrack albums2

The core of the discography is the two original soundtrack albums. The visual novel's soundtrack, which was also used for the anime series, was produced by Key Sounds Label and released in 2002. The music on the soundtrack was composed and arranged by Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito and Magome Togoshi. A soundtrack for the animated film was released in 2005 by Frontier Works. The music on the film soundtrack was mainly composed and arranged by Yoshikazu Suo. Two remix albums were released for the visual novel in 2000 and 2003, and a remix album was released for the film in 2005. A single for the visual novel was released in 2001 containing a vocal version of a background music track from the game. An EP for the visual novel was released in 2006 covering the three pieces of theme music used in the game as well as two remix versions of the opening and ending themes.



Ornithopter is an arrange album released by Key for the Air visual novel, and was packaged with the first edition of the Air visual novel released on September 8, 2000 bearing the catalog number KYCD-0303.[1][2] Seven of the ten tracks on the album are arrange versions of background music featured in the visual novel, with the last three being the original versions of the game's three main theme songs "Tori no Uta", "Farewell song", and "Aozora". The seven tracks were arranged by several people including Shinji Orito, Magome Togoshi, OdiakeS, and Kazuya Takase of I've Sound.[3] The title of the album comes from ornithopter, an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings.

Track listing
1."Tentōmushi" (てんとう虫 Ladybug)Magome TogoshiKazuya Takase (I've Sound)5:21
2."Tori no Uta" (鳥の詩 Bird's Poem)
(Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Performed by Lia)
Shinji OritoKazuya Takase (I've Sound)6:07
3."Sōsei" (双星 Twin Stars)Magome TogoshiWakana5:20
4."Hanemizu" (跳ね水 Splashing Water)Shinji OritoMagome Togoshi4:45
5."Yasō" (夜想 Nocturne)Magome TogoshiShinji Orito4:14
6."Yumegatari" (夢語り Dream-telling)Shinji OritoNatsumi Waro3:40
7."Natsukage" (夏影 Summer Lights)Jun MaedaOdiakeS3:17
8."Niji" ( Rainbows)Magome TogoshiVWN3:25
9."Aozora" (青空 Blue Skies)
(Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Performed by Lia)
Jun MaedaShinji Orito5:32
10."Farewell song" (Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Performed by Lia)Magome TogoshiMagome Togoshi5:27
Total length:47:13

Air Original SoundtrackEdit

The Air Original Soundtrack, from the visual novel Air, was first released on September 27, 2002 in Japan by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog numbers KSLA-0004—0005.[4] The soundtrack contains two discs totaling thirty-seven songs composed, arranged, and produced by Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito, Magome Togoshi, and Kazuya Takase of I've Sound. Lia provides vocals for three songs, "Tori no Uta", "Farewell song", and "Aozora".[5][6][7][8]

Disc 1
1."Kaisōroku" (回想録 Reminiscence)Magome Togoshi1:28
2."Nomichi" (野道 Path in a Field)Shinji Orito3:20
3."Tori no Uta" (鳥の詩 Bird's Poem)
(Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Arrangement by Kazuya Takase (I've Sound); Performed by Lia)
Shinji Orito6:08
4."Natsukage" (夏影 Summer Lights)Jun Maeda2:58
5."Hanemizu" (跳ね水 Splashing Water)Shinji Orito1:13
6."Mizutamari" (水たまり Puddle)Shinji Orito3:59
7."Yumegatari" (夢語り Dream-telling)Shinji Orito2:19
8."Niji" ( Rainbows)Magome Togoshi1:48
9."Tentōmushi" (てんとう虫 Ladybug)Magome Togoshi1:53
10."Denshō" (伝承 Legend)Magome Togoshi1:44
11."Kawa" ( River)Shinji Orito3:11
12."Esoragoto" (絵空事 Fabrication)Shinji Orito3:02
13."Sōsei" (双星 Twin Stars)Magome Togoshi3:37
14."Kotowari" ( Reason)Magome Togoshi3:32
15."Enishi" ( Fate)Shinji Orito2:23
16."Semigoromo" (蝉衣 Thin Clothes)Magome Togoshi1:43
17."Kannagi" (神薙 Dissidents)Shinji Orito2:43
18."Tsukiwarawa" (月童 Moon Child)Magome Togoshi3:33
19."Gin'iro (orgel version)" (銀色 Silver)Jun Maeda1:07
20."Futari" (ふたり Two People)Shinji Orito2:31
21."Koko" (此処 This Place)Magome Togoshi2:32
22."Gin'iro" (銀色 Silver)Jun Maeda1:53
23."Aozora" (青空 Blue Skies)
(Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Arrangement by Shinji Orito; Performed by Lia)
Jun Maeda4:19
24."Hane" (羽根 Wing)Shinji Orito3:27
25."Yasō" (夜想 Nocturne)Magome Togoshi1:53
26."Farewell song" (Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Arrangement by Magome Togoshi; Performed by Lia)Magome Togoshi5:32
Disc 2
1."Tori no Uta (short version)" (鳥の詩 Bird's Poem)
(Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Arrangement by Kazuya Takase (I've Sound); Performed by Lia)
Shinji Orito3:09
2."Farewell song (short version)" (Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Arrangement by Magome Togoshi; Performed by Lia)Magome Togoshi2:40
3."Farewell song (dream version)" (Arrangement by Magome Togoshi)Magome Togoshi2:41
4."Mishiyō Kyoku 1" (未使用曲 Unused Track)Magome Togoshi2:03
5."Mishiyō Kyoku 2" (未使用曲 Unused Track)Magome Togoshi1:54
6."Mishiyō Kyoku 3" (未使用曲 Unused Track)Magome Togoshi3:32
7."Mishiyō Kyoku 4" (未使用曲 Unused Track)Magome Togoshi1:57
8."Mishiyō Kyoku 5" (未使用曲 Unused Track)Shinji Orito2:27
9."Mishiyō Kyoku 6" (未使用曲 Unused Track)Magome Togoshi2:24
10."Tori no Uta (off vocal)" (鳥の詩 Bird's Poem)
(Arrangement by Kazuya Takase (I've Sound))
Shinji Orito6:09
11."Farewell song (off vocal)" (Arrangement by Magome Togoshi)Magome Togoshi5:34
Total length:108:22


Re-feel is a piano arrange album with songs taken from the Kanon and Air visual novels and arranged into piano versions. It was first released on December 28, 2003 at Comiket 65 in Japan by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog number KSLA-0010.[4] The album contains one disc with ten tracks; the first five songs are from Kanon while the last five are from Air.[9] With the exception of track two which is arranged by Riya of Eufonius, all the tracks are arranged by Ryō Mizutsuki, who is credited as Kiyo on the album.

Track listing
1."Yakusoku" (約束 Promise)Shinji OritoRyō Mizutsuki4:01
2."Shōjo no Ori" (少女の檻 Girls' Prison)OdiakeSRiya4:18
3."Pure Snows"Shinji OritoRyō Mizutsuki3:39
4."Yume no Ato" (夢の跡 Remnants of a Dream)Jun MaedaRiya3:24
5."Zankō" (残光 Afterglow)Jun MaedaRyō Mizutsuki4:14
6."Natsukage" (夏影 Summer Lights)Jun MaedaRyō Mizutsuki3:16
7."Denshō" (伝承 Legend)Magome TogoshiRyō Mizutsuki4:18
8."Aozora" (青空 Blue Skies)Jun MaedaRyō Mizutsuki5:33
9."Yumegatari" (夢語り Dream-telling)Shinji OritoRyō Mizutsuki4:39
10."Tori no Uta" (鳥の詩 Bird's Poem)Shinji OritoRyō Mizutsuki4:11
Total length:41:33

Air Analog Collector's EditionEdit

Air Analog Collector's Edition: Tori no Uta / Farewell song (Air アナログコレクターズエディション 『鳥の詩/Farewell song』, Air Anarogu Korekutāzu Edishon Tori no Uta/Farewell song) is an EP released on a gramophone record for the Air visual novel, which went on sale on May 3, 2006 in Japan by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog number KSLA-0022.[4] The EP features the three theme songs from the visual novel in regular versions on the A-side, and remix versions of "Tori no Uta" and "Farewell song" on the B-side. The B-side tracks were later featured on the OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol.1 album by Key Sounds Label.[4] All songs on the EP are performed by Lia.

All lyrics are written by Jun Maeda.

Side A
1."Tori no Uta" (鳥の詩 Bird's Poem)Shinji OritoKazuya Takase (I've Sound)6:20
2."Farewell song"Magome TogoshiMagome Togoshi5:35
3."Aozora" (青空 Blue Skies)Jun MaedaShinji Orito4:29
Side B
1."Tori no Uta Remixed Cosmic Seekers" (鳥の詩 Bird's Poem)Shinji OritoCosmic Seekers7:11
2."Farewell song Remixed Tsukasa"Magome TogoshiTsukasa9:06
Total length:32:41

Air Film SoundtrackEdit

The Air Film Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the Air film released by Frontier Works on March 25, 2005 bearing the catalog number FCCM-0066. The album spans one disc with twenty-three tracks featuring music composed by Yoshikazu Suo. The last song on the soundtrack, "If Dreams Came True", is sung by Eri Kawai, and takes its tune from the background music track "Futari" (ふたり, Two People), originally composed by Shinji Orito, featured in the Air visual novel.[10][11]

All music is composed by and arranged by Yoshikazu Suo, except where noted.

Track listing
1."Oku no Koshiki wa Kataru" (玄ノ轂ハ語ル The Distant Hub Says)4:03
2."Gate of Air"0:52
3."Shinwa e no Izanai (Part 1)" (神話への誘い Invitation to the Legend)2:36
4."Misuzu to Yukito (Futari)" (ミスズとユキト~ふたり~ Misuzu and Yukito (Two People))1:36
5."Anji, Soshite Jubaku" (暗示、そして呪縛 A Hint, and a Spell)1:00
6."Fuan no Gradation" (不安のグラデーション Gradation of Anxiety)2:07
7."Rokugen no Ryōiki" (六弦の領域 Domain of the Six Strings)2:09
8."Yukito no Theme (Part 1)" (ユキトのテーマ Yukito's Theme)2:26
9."Dai San Shinpi Kō" (第三神秘孝 The Third Study in Mystery)0:51
10."Ame no Chi Kumori no Chi Love" (雨のち曇りのちLove Rain, then Clouds, then Love)1:11
11."Tama wa Korogaru yo" (タマハコロガルヨ Look, the Ball is Rolling)2:00
12."Mata, Ashita (Kaisōroku)" (また、あした~回想録~ See You Tomorrow (Reminiscence))1:48
13."Ten no Ami, Utena no Hime" (天ノ網、台ノ姫 Net of Heaven, Princess of Tower)2:12
14."Haruko no Theme" (ハルコのデーマ Haruko's Theme)1:19
15."Taisetsu na Anata e (Yumegatari/Futari)" (大切なあなたへ~夢話り/ふたり~ To You My Precious Darling (Dream-telling/Two People))3:48
16."Yumeutsutsu" (ユメウツツ Half Asleep)0:39
17."Shinwa e no Izanai (Part 2)" (神話への誘い Invitation to the Legend)0:50
18."Akuryō Ritsushō" (悪霊律抄 Commandments of the Devil)1:35
19."Yukito no Theme (Part 2)" (ユキトのデーマ Yukito's Theme)0:37
20."Tsubasa-nin Densetsu (Tori no Uta)" (翼人伝説~鳥の詩~ Legend of the Winged Humans (Bird's Poem))4:23
21."Oku no Koshiki wa Kataru (Pf-intro)" (玄ノ轂ハ話ル The Distant Hub Says)1:08
22."Shinwa e no Izanai (Part 3)" (神話への誘い Invitation to the Legend)1:38
23."If Dreams Came True" (Lyrics by Linda Hennrick; Composed by Kei Haneoka (originally Shinji Orito); Arrangement by Yūjirō Okazaki; Performed by Eri Kawai)5:07
Total length:45:55

Shinwa e no IzanaiEdit

Shinwa e no Izanai (神話への誘い) is an album for the Air film released by Frontier Works on August 5, 2005 bearing the catalog number AIR-0005, and was only released bundled with the special edition Air film DVD.[12] The album contains one disc with a four-movement symphony sampling from four of the themes featured on the Air Film Soundtrack. The pieces were originally composed by Yoshikazu Suo, Shinji Orito, and Kei Haneoka, and were arranged by Yuji Nomi. The symphony was played by the Czech Philharmonic and conducted by Mario Klemens.[12]

Track listing
1."1st Movement [Daiichi Gakushō] ("Shinwa e no Izanai"/"Futari" yori)" (1st Movement [第一楽章] ~「神話への誘い」・「ふたり」より~ 1st Movement [First Movement] (From "Invitation to the Legend"/"Two People"))Shinji Orito, Yoshikazu Suo10:52
2."2nd Movement [Daini Gakushō] (Tori no Uta" yori)" (2nd Movement [第二楽章] ~「鳥の詩」より~ 2nd Movement [Second Movement] (From "Bird's Poem"))Shinji Orito9:40
3."Scherzo [Daisan Gakushō] ("Oku no Koshiki wa Kataru" yori)" (Scherzo [第三楽章] ~「玄ノ轂ハ語ル」より~ Scherzo [Third Movement] (From "The Distant Hub Says"))Yoshikazu Suo9:24
4."Finale [Daiyon Gakushō] ("If Dreams Came True" yori)" (Finale [第四楽章] ~「IF DREAMS CAME TRUE」より~ Finale [Fourth Movement] (From "If Dreams Came True"))Kei Haneoka, Shinji Orito10:32
Total length:40:28

Natsukage / NostalgiaEdit

"Natsukage / Nostalgia" is a single containing songs sung by I've Sound's Lia first released on August 10, 2001 at Comiket 60 in Japan by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog number KSLA-0002.[4] The single contains the A-side track "Natsukage" (夏影, Summer Lights) which was originally composed as a background music track for the Air visual novel. Depicted on the cover is Nagisa Furukawa from Key's later game Clannad.

All tracks are written by Jun Maeda.

Track listing
1."Natsukage" (夏影 Summer Lights)Ryō Okabe5:53
2."Nostalgia"Ryō Okabe5:53
Total length:11:46


Albums Release date Label Format Peak Oricon chart positions
Air Film Soundtrack March 25, 2005 Frontier Works (FCCM-0066) CD 247[13]


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