Murtaza Nizam Shah I

Murtaza Nizam Shah I, the eldest son of Hussain Nizam Shah I, succeeded him in 1565 after his death.

Murtaza Nizam Shah I
Sultan of Ahmadnagar
PredecessorHussain Nizam Shah I
SuccessorHussain Nizam Shah II
SpouseHadiya Sultana (daughter of Ibrahim Adil Shah I)
Doordana Begum (dancer)
IssueHussain Nizam Shah II
HouseNizam Shahi Dynasty
FatherHussain Nizam Shah I
MotherKhunza Humayun


During the first six years, his mother Khunza Humayun controlled the affairs of kingdom, but her repeated military failures against her neighbours led the Nizam Shahi nobility to help Murtaza take the reins of administration in his own hands. He retrieved the situation and recovered Udgir from Bijapur. In 1574 he annexed Berar to Ahmednagar; in 1588 he was killed and succeeded by his son Hussain Nizam Shah II.[1][2]