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The Murraylands is a geographical region in South Australia; generally, the lower part of the Murray River basin, in South-Eastern South Australia. The area stretches from Blanchetown; roughly 130 kilometres north-east of Adelaide, right down to Wellington, which is situated at the beginning of Lake Alexandrina.

The major towns in this region include; Morgan, Truro, Swan Reach, Mannum, Murray Bridge, Tailem Bend, Meningie, Coonaplyn, Tintinara, Karoonda, Lameroo, and Pinnaroo. Callington is situated on the Bremer River, at the boundary between the Murraylands region and the Adelaide Hills.

Murray Bridge has the largest population base, with approximately 19,724 reported in the 2011 Census.

The area stretches from Blanchetown; roughly 130 kilometres north-east of Adelaide, right down to Wellington, which is situated at the beginning of Lake Alexandrina.

The region focuses mainly on the main towns of Murray Bridge and Mannum and has a population of around 65,000.

In recent years, the Murraylands region has been plagued by an extensive drought, which has affected business and the economy of the region.[1]

The region has a Mediterranean-style climate, with hot dry summers and mild winters. The climate is cooler than Adelaide and the annual rainfall is higher than the rest of the state, ranging between 450mm at Keith to 800mm around Mount Bun. As you go north, the land becomes semi-arid and has desert like conditions. The Murraylands region has a summer average temperature of 28oC and 15oC in winter.[2]



The Murraylands economy is strongly reliant upon primary production, which accounts for 34% of the Gross regional product.[3] Regional industries which support the region include irrigated horticulture, dry-land farming, intensive animal production and tourism.[4]

Known for its clean, green and environmentally sustainable produce, the region has a strong focus on value-added food production with a number of large manufacturers, packers, processors, wholesalers and retailers located in the region.[5]


The Murraylands region is defined by the Murray River. Murray Bridge is home to one of South Australia’s oldest Rowing Clubs, which was founded in 1909.[6] The Murray Bridge Rowing Club was where Australian world champion and Olympic medal winner, James McRae (born 27 June 1987) began his rowing career.[6] The region has a number of reserves, parks, walking trails and sport facilities.[7]


24 Hour Australian International Pedal PrixEdit

Established in 1985, the Australian International Pedal Prix has been held in Murray Bridge for 31 years (in 2016) and includes the 24 hour event, which was added to the program in 1996.[8] Designed to test participants teamwork, fitness, health and enterprise in addition to their engineering and technological skills, the event is regarded as the premier HPV endurance race in Australia.[9] The race circuit is 2.06 km and skirts the boundary of Sturt Reserve and the Murray River, attracting some 200 teams annually to compete for the title.[8]

All Steamed Up Engine, Blacksmith and Classic Boat FestivalEdit

Held in Mannum in November each year, the All Steamed Up Engine, Blacksmith and Classic Boat Festival highlights how the Murray River, steam engines, blacksmiths and wooden boats were key to the developing economy in South Australia.[8]


Murray River, Lakes and Coorong Tourism Alliance (MRLCTA) is the Region's peak tourism body, and is responsible for attracting visitors to the region, with this industry worth around $112 million annually.[10]




  • Morgan Preschool
  • Swan Reach Area and Kindergarten
  • Mannum Kindergarten
  • Murray Bridge Preschool Kindergarten
  • Concordia Kindergarten
  • Callington Kindergarten
  • Tailem Bend Kindergarten
  • Meningie Kindergarten
  • Coonalpyn Kindergarten
  • Tintinara Preschool
  • Lameroo and District Kindergarten
  • Pinnaroo Kindergarten

Primary Level

Morgan Primary School

Truro Primary School

Blanchtown Primary School

Cambrai Area School

Swan Reach Primary School

Swan Reach Area School

Palmer Primary School

Mypolonga Primary School

Murray Bridge South Primary School

Murray Bridge North Primary School

Fraser Park Primary School

Murray Bridge State School

Callington Primary School

Tailem Bend Primary School

Meningie Area School

Salt Creek Primary School

Coonalpyn Primary School

Coomandook Area School

Tintinara Area School

Lameroo Regional Community School

Pinnaroo Primary School

Karoonda Area School

Mannum Community College, Junior School

Tyndale Christian School, Murray Bridge

St Joseph’s School, Murray Bridge

Unity College, Junior School

Senior Schooling

There are eight high schools across the Murraylands region:

· Swan Reach Area School

· Mannum Community College

· Murray Bridge High School

· Unity College, Murray Bridge

· Tyndale Christian School, Murray Bridge

· St Joseph’s School, Murray Bridge

· Meningie Area School

· Lameroo Regional Community School

Further Education

TAFE SA has a campus located in Murray Bridge.


The people of the Murraylands have a strong reliance upon and respect for the natural environment in which they live.

Their region has a number of National Parks and conservation areas where bush walking, sightseeing, bird watching, camping, caravanning, 4-wheel driving and orienteering activities are welcome. National Parks include the Ngaut Ngaut Conservation park, Ngarkat Conservation Park and the Coorong National Park.

The Nguat Nguat National Park is located 1 hour and 45 minutes from Adelaide, near the town of Nildottie. These traditional lands of the Nganguraku people are culturally significant and are only accessible with a guided tour.[11]

Ngarkat Conservation Park located 200 km (2.5 hours drive) from Adelaide and has number of bush tracks available to 4 wheel vehicles. Tracks available include the Border Track, Desert Loop and the Ngarkat track and each take in the scenery of the dense mallee scrub and sand dunes. Historically, these tracks were first established by explorer, Edward White, who was the surveyor first responsible for marking the boundary between South Australia and Victoria.[11]

The Coorong National Park is based on the South Australian coast and covers over 130 km of saltwater lagoons and wetlands scenery, which is home to many species of birds including native ducks and swans, pelicans, and a number of migratory birds.[11]



  • The Standard
  • Border Chronicle (Bordertown)
  • The Border Times (Pinnaroo)


  • Power FM – 98.7 FM
  • 5MU Radio Murray Bridge – 1125 AM
  • Flow FM – 97.7FM
  • ABC Classic - 103.9 FM
  • ABC Local Radio - 891 AM
  • ABC News Radio - 972 AM
  • ABC Radio National – 729 AM
  • ABC Triple J - 105.5 FM


  • WIN TV

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