Mullaitivu Electoral District

Mullaitivu Electoral District was an electoral district of Sri Lanka between July 1977 and February 1989. The district was named after the town of Mullaitivu in Mullaitivu District, Northern Province. The 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka introduced the proportional representation electoral system for electing members of Parliament. The existing 160 mainly single-member electoral districts were replaced with 22 multi-member electoral districts.[1] Mullaitivu electoral district was replaced by the Vanni multi-member electoral district at the 1989 general elections, the first under the PR system, though Mullaitivu continues to be a polling division of the multi-member electoral district.

Members of ParliamentEdit


  Tamil United Liberation Front  

Election Member Party Term
1977 X. M. Sellathambu Tamil United Liberation Front 1977-1989


1977 Parliamentary General ElectionEdit

Results of the 8th parliamentary election held on 21 July 1977 for the district:[2]

Candidate Party Symbol Votes %
  X. M. Sellathambu Tamil United Liberation Front Sun 10,261 52.36%
P. Chandrasekar Independent Pair of Scales 7,632 38.95%
R. Vickkinarasa Ladder 977 4.99%
V. Santhirasenan Bell 726 3.70%
Valid Votes 19,596 100.00%
Rejected Votes 76
Total Polled 19,672
Registered Electors 24,698
Turnout 79.65%

X. M. Sellathambu and all other TULF MPs boycotted Parliament from the middle of 1983 for a number of reasons: they were under pressure from Sri Lankan Tamil militants not to stay in Parliament beyond their normal six-year term; the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka required them to swear an oath unconditionally renouncing support for a separate state; and the Black July riots in which up to 3,000 Tamils were murdered by Sinhalese mobs. After three months of absence, Sellathambu forfeited his seat in Parliament on 21 October 1983.[3]


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