Muhammad Ibrahim (Mughal emperor)

Mughal emperor
Mohammed Ibrahim
Prince of Mughal Empire
Muḥammad ʿIbráhím..jpg
Born 9 August 1703
Tripoly Gate Prison, Red Fort, Delhi
Died 31 January 1746 (aged 42)
Burial Mausoleum of Qutbuddin Kaki, Delhi
Full name
Abu'l Fath Zahr-ud-Din Muhammad Ibrahim IV Shah-i-Shahan
Dynasty Timurid
Father Rafi-ush-Shan
Mother Nurunisa Begum

Mohammed Ibrahim (محمد ابراهيم) was a claimaint to the throne of India. The brother of Rafi Ul-Darjat and Rafi Ud-Daulat, he attempted to seize the throne on 17 October 1720 at the behest of the Syed Brothers in order to depose Emperor Muhammad Shah who had joined Nizam ul-Mulk Chin Kilich Khan Mir Qamar ud-Din Khan, an enemy of the Syed Brothers. He was defeated by Emperor Muhammad Shah at the battle of Hasanpur on 13 November of the same year and deposed the same day. After the Syed Brothers' defeat on 16 November 1720, he was sent back to harem. He died in 1746.