Muazzez Sultan

Muazzez Sultan[2][a] (Ottoman Turkish: معزز سلطان‎; died 12 September 1687) was the second consort of Sultan Ibrahim and the mother of Sultan Ahmed II.

Muazzez Sultan
Haseki Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
(Imperial Consort)
Tenureuntil 12 August 1648
PredecessorAyşe Sultan
SuccessorGülnuş Sultan
Died12 September 1687[1]
Old Palace, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Burial14 September 1687
IssueAhmed II
Full name
Turkish: Hatice Muazzez Sultan
Ottoman Turkish: خدیجہ معزز سلطان
HouseOttoman (by marriage)


Muazzez married Ibrahim, and gave birth to her only son, Şehzade Ahmed (future Ahmed II) on 25 February 1643.[1][3] During Ibrahim's reign, she received a stipend of 1000 aspers a day. She was well loved by her husband , Sultan Ibrahim. She was known for her mild character and her good manners in the palace.

After the deposition and death of Sultan Ibrahim in 1648, his eldest son, Sultan Mehmed IV ascended the throne, after which Muazzez settled in the Old Palace. This brought her thirty seven years of imprisonment in the Old Palace.[1][2]

Death and aftermathEdit

In 1687, a large fire broke out near the Old Palace. By the next evening the fire had engulfed the Old Palace. The fire burned for five hours and the palace burned down in many places. Most of lives of people in the Old Palace were saved by the servants in the palace. Muazzez was so burned from the fire that she died the next day. Her body was taken to Üsküdar, and was buried near a palace around there.[4] Thus, she was not Valide Sultan to her son because she died four years before Ahmed II's accession to the throne.[1][5]

Wares belonging to Muazzez, were immediately placed in the imperial treasury. Her Jewelry was given to Behzad Kadın, Süğlün Kadın, and Șehsuvar Kadın, consorts of the new Sultan Suleiman II. But when her son ascended the throne in 1691, he took away the jewelry from the consorts of the recently deceased Sultan, and placed the jewelry in the imperial treasury.[6][7]


Together with Ibrahim, Muazzez had one son:

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    She is either called Hatice Muazzez Sultan, Hatice Sultan, or Muazzez Hanım.[1]


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Ottoman royalty
Preceded by
Ayşe Sultan
Haseki Sultan
until 12 August 1648
concurrently with Turhan, Aşub, Ayşe, Mahenver, Hümaşah, Şivekar, and Saçbağlı
Succeeded by
Gülnuş Sultan