Mtwapa is a town located in Kenya's Kilifi County. The town is situated approximately 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) north-east of Mombasa on the Mombasa-Malindi road. The town is also the location of the Mombasa-Mtwapa matatu terminus. Mtwapa Creek is an Indian Ocean inlet at Mtwapa, which is the border between Mombasa and Mtwapa (connected through a bridge). Mtwapa Creek is a starting point for deep sea fishing tours. As a satellite town, it's part of the Mombasa metropolitan region.

Mtwapa is located in Kenya
Location of Mtwapa
Coordinates: 3°57′00″S 39°44′40″E / 3.95000°S 39.74444°E / -3.95000; 39.74444Coordinates: 3°57′00″S 39°44′40″E / 3.95000°S 39.74444°E / -3.95000; 39.74444
CountyKilifi County
DivisionKikambala Division
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)
Mtwapa Creek Ferry, early 1950s

Origins of the town's nameEdit

There are unconfirmed theories about how the town gained its name. One such is that the original community in the area would often seek acknowledgment if the person living in the area was "mtu wa hapa" - in Swahili, this loosely translates to 'he who lives among us'. The phrase was used to prevent a person otherwise unknown to the rest of the community from being ostracized from the area as an outsider.

Infrastructural developmentsEdit

Copacabana beach.

Mtwapa is one of the coastal region's property markets. There have been recent developments of recreational centers, religious buildings, residential homes and rental villas. Second only to the southern coast, such as the Diani area, Mtwapa is home to a large number of European retirees and holiday-makers from countries such as Germany, Holland and Britain who have built homes in the vicinity.

It is also a destination for Sex tourism, especially Child sex tourism.[1][2][3]


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