Mshak (Armenian: Մշակ meaning The Toiler) was an Armenian language literary and political daily newspaper (weekly when established) published from 1872-1920[1][2] in Tiflis, Russian Empire (now Tbilisi, Georgia). It was founded by Grigor Artsruni.

Mshak Logo.svg
Former editorsGrigor Artsruni (founder)
First issue1872
CountryRussian Empire
Based inTiflis, Tiflis Governorate

Mshak was famous particularly for its serialization of notable Armenian literary works, such as Jalaleddin. Mshak was also known for its publication of liberal ideas, promoting the creation of a united Armenian state inside the Russia.[3] In 1921, after the Soviet invasion of Georgia, Mshak, along with other anti-Bolshevik media, was closed.[4][5]


The following is the list of the editors of Mshak:[6][7]

Editor Years
Grigor Artsruni (founder) 1872-1892
Aleksandr Kalantar 1893—1913[8]
Hambardzum Arakelian 1913-1918
Arshak Mkhitaryan
Hovhannes Stepanyan
Levon Kalantar
Arakel Babakhanian (Leo) 1918-1920

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