Mr. Rossi's Dreams

Mr. Rossi's Dreams (in Italian I sogni del signor Rossi) is a 1977 traditionally animated Italian feature film directed by Bruno Bozzetto. Is the second feature film of Mr. Rossi.

Mr. Rossi's Dreams
I sogni del signor Rossi.JPG
Italian poster
Directed byBruno Bozzetto
Written byBruno Bozzetto
Guido Manuli
Maurizio Nichetti
Produced byBruno Bozzetto
StarringGiuseppe Rinaldi
Gianfranco Mauri
Franco Godi
Carlo Bonomi
Gianpaolo Rossi
Edited byGiancarlo Rossi
Music byFranco Godi
Release date
1977 (Italy)
Running time
80 min


After a long and tiring week of work, Mr. Rossi returns home to his home where the dog Gastone awaits him, who after a week of solitude wants to go out, run and go to the cinema. Yes, because Gastone's heroes are those of the screen, television and literature and it is in these characters that the dog imagines his master. We will then see a Rossitarzan, a Rossi-astronaut, Rossi-Holmes, Rossi-Zorro, Rossi-scientist, Rossi-Lancelot, Rossi-Aladino and Rossi-Hollywood actor. But once the dreams are over, for Rossi there will be a sad return to the mediocrity of his life.


Character Original English
Mr. Rossi Giuseppe Rinaldi Unknown
Gastone/Harold Gianfranco Mauri
lamp salesman Franco Godi
Herlotto Carlo Bonomi
farmer Gianpaolo Rossi

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The dubbing was realized in the 1980s.


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