Mozid Mahmud

Mozid Mahmud (Bengali: মজিদ মাহমুদ; born 16 April 1966) is a Bangladeshi poet and essayist. He is recognized as a major poet of the 1980s, with more than thirty books to his credit.

Mozid Mahmud
Born (1966-04-16) 16 April 1966 (age 55)
GenrePoetry, journalism


Mozid Mahmud is the pen name of Mohammad Abdul Mozid. He was born in 1966 at Chargorgori, a village thirteen km west of Pabna in East Pakistan, to the family of Mohammad Keramat Ali Biswas and Sanowara Begum.[1]


He completed his early education in the local school and college. In 1986, he crossed the Jamuna and went to capital Dhaka, where he attended the University of Dhaka to receive an MA degree in Bengali literature and language in 1989 with a First Class.[2] He was awarded a research grant by the Nazrul Institute in 1996, the result of which was Nazrul: Spokesman of the Third World (Nazrul: Tritiya Bishwer Mukhopatro; 1997) published from the same institute. He also awarded a research fellow by the University Grand commission, the result of which was Travelodge of Tagore (Rabindranather Vraman Sahitya 2010).


A journalist by profession, he carefully escapes the arena of popular and prosaic day-to-day information that the job deserves, and dives into the invincible deep of poetic inspiration from where he collects pebbles of pictures, aroma of feelings and intense fabric of thought, after which an automatic mental process of jeopardizing them continues in its own accord. He taught Bengali literature at some colleges and universities for almost five years.


Mozid Mahmud has been working with poor and vulnerable people in Bangladesh, especially destitute northern part of the country from two decades. He established Organization for Social Advancement & Cultural Activities (OSACA) a non-government organisation which is fighting for hunger and legal rights.



  • Boutubani Fuler Deshe (In the World of the Boutubanis) 1985
  • Mahfuja Mongol, 1989[3][4][5]
  • Goshther Dikey (Towards the Pasture), 1996
  • Ball Upakhyan (Odyssey of a Ball), 2001
  • Apple Kahinee (Story of an Apple), 2002
  • Dhatri clinicer Janma (The birth of maternity Clinic), 2007
  • Singha o Gardobher Kabita (Poems of Lion and Dunky), 2012[6]

Mahfuza MangalEdit

Majid Mahmud's book of poetry is a dedication to 'Mahfuza', following the trend of poetry and songs dedicated to gods and goddesses of religions and sects of the subcontinent. The poetry dedicated to gods and goddesses was for relief from the vagaries of nature. Majid Mahmud's poetry is passionate as images continue in their contortions. The space between man and gods and goddess resonates with the enormity of infinity and eternity. This collection is the edition published on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first publication of the book in February 1989. After that there have been three more editions.[7][8]


Poet and essayist Mozid Mahmud’s novel titled Memorial Club is scheduled to hit Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2021. It is the first novel of Mozid, who has received huge response penning the collection of poems titled Mahfujamangal. [9]

Essays, researches and narrative proseEdit

  • Nazrul: Tritiya Bishwer Mukhopatro (Nazrul: Spokesman of the Third World), 1997
  • Rabindranather Vraman Sahitya (Travelodge of Tagore), 2010
  • Keno Kabi Keno Kabi Nay (Why Poet or Not), 2002
  • Uttar Uponibesh Sahitya O Onyano (Post-Colonial Literature and Others), 2006
  • Bhasar Adhipatya (Dominations of Language), 2005
  • Rabindranath and Bharat Barso, 2011.[10]

Short stories and fictionEdit

  • Makarsha o Rajanigandha (Spider and Tube-rose), 1986
  • Memorial Club, 2010

Edited booksEdit

  • Brikha Bhalobaser Kabita ( The Anthology of Affection to Three), 2000
  • Jamrul Hasan Beg Smarak Grontha (A book on Jamrul Hasan Beg), 2003
  • Rabindranather Bhroman Sahitya (Travelogues of Tagore) 2010
  • Ashir dashoker Kabi o Kabita (Poems of Eighties), 1990

Journals and magazinesEdit

  • Bangla Literature (1997), editor, a poetry journal
  • Parbo, editor, a literary periodical journal (publishing 2005 to till)


  • Poet Binay Majumder, Literary Award, Kolkata, 2011
  • National Press Club Award, 2008
  • Poet bande Ali Literary Award, 1988
  • Poet Manjus Dash Literary Award, Kolkata, 2004
  • Poet Mojibur Rahman, Literary Awar, 2005
  • Poet Mokbul Hossain Literary Award, 1999
  • Arunima Literary Award, 2012
  • Rabindra Nazrul Literary Award, 2006
  • Bengali Community Literary Honor from Delhi, 2010
  • Bengali Writers Honor from London, 2010
  • Jibanananda Das Award, 2015, Kokata, India[11]


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