Mountains of Sis

The Mountains of Sis (Catalan: Serra de Sis, or Serra del Cis) (Spanish: Sierra de Sis) is a 28 km (17 mi) long mountain range of the Pre-Pyrenees. They are located between the valleys of rivers Isábena and the Escales Reservoir, Noguera Ribagorzana, in the Ribagorza comarca, Aragon, Spain.[1] The ridge's highest summits are Pico de l´Amorriador (1791 m) and Puialto (1782 m). Other important summits are 1765 m high La Creu de Bonansa, 1490 m high Altaió d'Aulet and 1066 m high Tossal de Cornudella.

Mountains of Sis
The Mountains of Sis seen from the south
Highest point
Elevation1,791 m (5,876 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Aragon
Coordinates42°24′41″N 00°38′39″E / 42.41139°N 0.64417°E / 42.41139; 0.64417Coordinates: 42°24′41″N 00°38′39″E / 42.41139°N 0.64417°E / 42.41139; 0.64417
Mountains of Sis is located in Pyrenees
Mountains of Sis
Mountains of Sis
Location in the Pre-Pyrenees area
LocationRibagorza (Aragon)
Parent rangePre-Pyrenees
Mountain typeConglomerate
Easiest routeDrive from Beranui, Sopeira or Arén


This mountain chain rises abruptly from a plain and looks quite impressive from certain angles, therefore in ancient geographic works this range was also referred to as "the Great Mountains of Sis" (Spanish: la gran sierra de Sis) owing to the massive appearance of its mountains, abruptly rising as mighty foothills of the Pyrenees.[2]

The summits of this mountain chain offer an excellent lookout point to have a view of some of the main peaks of the Pyrenees from the south, as well as of the magnificent El Turbón in the west.[3] Some of the steep rocky cliffs of the range are popular with rock climbers.[4]

The 9th - 11th century Santa María de Obarra monastery is located at the foot of the western end of the Sierra de Sis range.[5] There are also abandoned villages and church buildings, as well as many ancient cattle farmers' buildings known as borda in the area.

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