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Apo–Talomo Mountain range

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Apo–Talomo (Also known as Mount Talomo or Talomo Mountain Range) is a Philippine mountain range that includes Mount Apo.[1] Mount Talomo is one of the top 15 highest mountain in the Philippines and has an elevation of 2,674+ MASL. In terms of climbing difficulty, it is rated with a 7/9 difficulty and has a 2-4 trail class.[2]

Apo–Talomo Mountain range
Apo–Talomo Mountain range is located in Philippines
Apo–Talomo Mountain range
Apo–Talomo Mountain range
Location in the Philippines
Highest point
PeakMount Apo
Elevation2,964 m (9,724 ft)
Country Philippines
ProvinceDavao del Sur
SettlementDavao City

Hydrological featuresEdit

Mount Talomo is a headwaters catchment area of several major river systems of Panigan River and Tamugan River, Talomo River. The Panigan River and Tamugan River are Tributaries of Davao River System. The Talomo River is a stream into the Davao Gulf.


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Coordinates: 7°2′51.18″N 125°20′17.56″E / 7.0475500°N 125.3382111°E / 7.0475500; 125.3382111