Mount Perseus (British Columbia)

Mount Perseus is a mountain in British Columbia, Canada. It has an elevation of 2,553 metres (8,376 ft) above sea level and it is one of British Columbia's 102 ultra prominent peaks.

Mount Perseus
Mount Perseus is located in British Columbia
Mount Perseus
Mount Perseus
Highest point
Elevation2,553 m (8,376 ft)[1]
Prominence1,683 m (5,522 ft)[1]
Coordinates52°21′15″N 120°31′58″W / 52.35417°N 120.53278°W / 52.35417; -120.53278Coordinates: 52°21′15″N 120°31′58″W / 52.35417°N 120.53278°W / 52.35417; -120.53278[1]
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeQuesnel Highland
Cariboo Mountains

Mount Perseus is the highest peak within a mountainous area between Clearwater Lake (20 km to the southeast of Perseus) and Quesnel Lake (20 km to the northwest).[2]

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