Mount Parry is a mountain in Stribog Mountains, Antarctica with an elevation of 2,520 metres (8,268 ft).[3] Mount Parry rises eastward of Minot Point and dominates the central portion of Brabant Island, in the Palmer Archipelago. It has steep and partly ice-free north and west slopes, and surmounts Djerassi Glacier to the north-northwest, Mackenzie Glacier to the east, Balanstra Glacier to the south-southeast and Pirogov Glacier to the southwest.

Mount Parry
Mount Parry is located in Antarctica
Mount Parry
Mount Parry
Location in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica
Highest point
Elevation2,520 m (8,270 ft) [1]
Prominence2,520 m (8,270 ft) [1]
Coordinates64°16′S 62°25′W / 64.267°S 62.417°W / -64.267; -62.417Coordinates: 64°16′S 62°25′W / 64.267°S 62.417°W / -64.267; -62.417[1]
LocationBrabant Island, Antarctica
First ascent30 October 1984[2]

Mount Parry was first ascended by the British Joint Services Expedition led by John Furse on 30 October 1984.[2]


The peak appears to have been named by Captain Henry Foster, Royal Navy, of the Chanticleer expedition in 1829 and since has gained international usage.



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  This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Mount Parry" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).