Mount Kinangop

Mount Kinangop (or Ilkinangop) is a mountain in the southern Aberdare Range about 100 miles (160 km) north of Nairobi, Kenya. It is within the Aberdare National Park.

Kinangop Mountain
Kinangop Mountain is located in Kenya
Kinangop Mountain
Kinangop Mountain
Location in Kenya
Highest point
Elevation3,906 m (12,815 ft) [1]
Coordinates0°37′40″S 36°42′30″E / 0.62765°S 36.70832°E / -0.62765; 36.70832Coordinates: 0°37′40″S 36°42′30″E / 0.62765°S 36.70832°E / -0.62765; 36.70832
Parent rangeAberdare Range

A dormant volcano, Kinangop overlooks the Kinangop Plateau to the west and the Great Rift Valley beyond.[2] Kinangop is the second-highest mountain in the Aberdares after Mount Satima.[3] The lower levels of the mountain have extensive bamboo forests. Higher up it is covered by tussock grasses.[1] The main peak is a rocky outcrop surrounded by open moorlands. Due to the height, temperatures are cool and may drop below freezing at night.[4]



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