Mount Issa or Djebel Aïssa (Arabic: جبل عيسى) is a 2,236 m high mountain in western Algeria, thus the 4th highest in Algeria. It is part of the Ksour Range of the Saharan Atlas, within the larger Atlas Mountain System.[1] Mount Issa is located in the Naâma Province and is one of the main summits of the mountains of the Saharan Atlas.

Mount Issa (Djebel Aïssa)
جبل عيسى
Djebel Aïssa is located in Algeria
Djebel Aïssa
Djebel Aïssa
Highest point
Elevation2,236 m (7,336 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Algeria
Coordinates32°54′42″N 0°28′04″W / 32.911667°N 0.467639°W / 32.911667; -0.467639
LocationNaâma, Algeria
Parent rangeKsour Range, Saharan Atlas

The Djebel Aissa National Park is a protected area within the area of the mountain since 2003.[2]

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