Mount Inasa

Mount Inasa (稲佐山, Inasa-yama) is a hill to the west of Nagasaki which rises to a height of 333 metres (1,093 ft). The Nagasaki Ropeway allows visitors to travel to the top from Nagasaki. A short walk from the cable car station are several buildings that house transmitters for TV and radio stations that serve Nagasaki and the surrounding area.

Mount Inasa
稲佐山 Inasa-yama
View of Mount Inasa from Nagasaki Harbor.
View of Mount Inasa from Nagasaki Harbor.
Highest point
Elevation333 m (1,093 ft)
Coordinates32°45′10″N 129°50′58″E / 32.7527°N 129.8495°E / 32.7527; 129.8495Coordinates: 32°45′10″N 129°50′58″E / 32.7527°N 129.8495°E / 32.7527; 129.8495
View of Nagasaki from Mt Inasa

There is an observation platform that is popular with tourists as it provides extensive views of Nagasaki's "10 Million Dollar Night View" (1000万ドルの夜景, Issenmandoru no yakei).[1]

View of the night skyline from the top of Mount Inasa.

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