Mount Elie de Beaumont

Mount Elie de Beaumont is a 3,109 metres (10,200 ft) high mountain in the Southern Alps on the South Island of New Zealand and the northernmost Three-thousander of the country. It is surrounded by several glaciers like Johannes Glacier in the north, Burton Glacier to the east, Times Glacier to the west and Anna Glacier, a tributary to the Tasman Glacier, in the south.[1]

Mount Elie de Beaumont
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Highest peak on the far left side
Highest point
Elevation3,109 m (10,200 ft)[1]
Prominence648 m (2,126 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
ListingNew Zealand #5
Coordinates43°28′54″S 170°19′41″E / 43.48173°S 170.32812°E / -43.48173; 170.32812Coordinates: 43°28′54″S 170°19′41″E / 43.48173°S 170.32812°E / -43.48173; 170.32812[1]
Mount Elie de Beaumont is located in New Zealand
Mount Elie de Beaumont
Mount Elie de Beaumont
Location in New Zealand
LocationSouth Island, New Zealand
Parent rangeSouthern Alps


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