Mount Celeste

Mount Celeste is the unofficial name for a mountain located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It shares the name Celeste with two peaks in the Cariboo region of the BC Interior. Within the boundaries of Strathcona Provincial Park, this peak lies at the north end of Rees Ridge. Iceberg Peak lies at the south end of this ridge.

Mount Celeste
Highest point
Elevation2,045 m (6,709 ft)[1]
Prominence589 m (1,932 ft)[1]
Parent peakMount Albert Edward (2093 m)[1]
ListingMountains of British Columbia
Coordinates49°34′N 125°24′W / 49.567°N 125.400°W / 49.567; -125.400
LocationVancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeRees Ridge
Topo mapNTS 92F11 Forbidden Plateau
First ascent1934


The first ascent of this peak is credited to Jack Horbury and Jock Sutherland on August 18, 1934.

Appearances in popular cultureEdit

Mount Celeste as depicted in Celeste

A fictional version of Mount Celeste is featured as the primary setting in the 2016 platforming game Celeste Classic and the 2018 platforming game Celeste. The game is about the personal struggles the main character Madeline faces as she attempts to climb the mountain.[2] The mountain is also shown on the Instagram page of in-game character Theo.[3][4]

While the real Mount Celeste has a prominence of just 589 metres (1,932 ft), the fictitious version featured in both Celeste and Celeste Classic has a prominence of over 3,000 metres (9,800 ft).


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