Motorway 64 (Greece)

The Greek Motorway A64 (Greek: Αυτοκινητόδρομος 64), often referred to as the Hymettus Peripheral Road (Περιφερειακός Υμηττού) is a branch of the main A6 route in the Attiki Odos motorway network. It is named after the Hymettus mountain range it partly encircles.

A64 motorway shield

A64 motorway
Αυτοκινητόδρομος 64
A64 in red, rest of Attiki Odos in green
Route information
Length10 km (10 mi)
Major junctions
West endKatechaki Avenue
East endPallini
Major citiesAthens
Highway system
Motorways in Greece

Serving parts of eastern Athens, it is also expected to be extended further southwards following the Hymettus to Vouliagmeni, and further eastwards towards Rafina.

      Under construction
Regional unit Exit Name Destinations Notes/Also as
Athens Argyroupoli-Vouliagmenis GR-EO-80.svg GR-80 Planned
Argyroupoli-Kyprou Planned
Planned motorway extension
Y1 Katehaki Interchange Katechaki Avenue
Y2 Papagou
Y3 Dimokritos
Y4 Agia Paraskevi Interchange Autokinetodromos A621 number.svg A621
East Attica Y6 Glyka Nera GR-EO-89.svg GR-89
Y7/16 Leontario [el] Interchange Autokinetodromos A6 number.svg A6 European Road 94 number DE.svg E94
Y8 Pallini
Y9 Agios Gerasimos Planned
Planned motorway extension
Y10 Pikermi GR-EO-54.svg GR-54 Planned

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