Mostafapur Union

Mostafapur Union (Bengali: মোস্তফাপুর ইউনিয়ন) is a Union Parishad under Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila of Moulvibazar District in the division of Sylhet, Bangladesh. It has an area of 21 square kilometres and a population of 18,053.

Mostafapur Union

মোস্তফাপুর ইউনিয়ন
No. 11 Mostafapur Union Council
DivisionSylhet Division
DistrictMoulvibazar District
UpazilaMoulvibazar Sadar Upazila
 • Union Parishad ChairmanTajul Islam
 • Total18,053
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)


The union was named after the village of Mostafapur. The village was named in honour of Shah Mustafa, an Islamic preacher and companion of Shah Jalal, who came to Moulvibazar to propagate the light of Islam. The house where he initially started residing is now known as Mostafapur Puran Bari (Bengali: মোস্তফাপুর পুরান বাড়ী).[1]


Mostafapur Union is located at the eastern part of Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila. It shares borders with the Kanakpur and Amtail Unions in the west, Rajnagar Upazila in the east, Chadnighat Union in the north, and Giyashnagar Union in the south. It has an area of 21 square kilometres.[1]


Mostafapur has a population of 18,053.


Mostafapur constitutes the no. 11 union council of Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila. It contains 33 villages and 12 mouzas.[1]


  • Hilalpur, Shompashi, Ghorua, Bahar Mordan, Kuchar Mahal, Gandarvpur, Lamajagannathpur, Pagoliya
  • Mostafapur, West Mostafapur, Kamarshuta, North Jagannathpur, Goalabari, Shonapur, Jagannathpur
  • Kotar Mahal, Harinarayanpur, Goyghor, Sribour, Fotehpur, Baurghoriya, Khojar Mahal, Birbali
  • Badeshompashi, Ekagopal, Jinaikaist, Jagatshi, Changaon, Folaun, Komla Kolosh, Mutukopur, Ajmeru, Ramabollav

Economy and tourismEdit

Mostafapur has a significant number of British and American immigrants contributing to its economy. It has one central bazaar. In the village of Goyghor, there is an ancient mosque from the Mughal era called Goyghor Mosque. There is also a large ecopark in Shonapur.


The Union has a literacy rate of 60%. It has 10 state primary schools and 2 private primary schools. It has one exam centre for the Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) in Hilalpur High School. There are three madrasas and

Language and cultureEdit

The native population converse in their native Sylheti dialect but can also converse in Standard Bengali. Languages such as Arabic and English are also taught in schools. The Union contains 8 eidgahs.

List of chairmenEdit

List of chairmen
Number Name Term
01 Inaam Ullah 1960 - 1965
02 Muhammad Irshad 1965 - 1970
03 Muhammad Anwar Khan 1970 - 1972
04 Gaura Pada Goswami 1972 - 1974
05 Dr. Firuz Miah
06 Muhammad Abdul Matin Motar Miah
07 Muzzammil Miah
08 Muhammad Monnaf Miah 1974 - 1975
09 Muhammad Saad Ullah 1975 - 1976
10 Muhammad Milad Husayn 1977 - 1988
11 Muhammad Mahmudur Rahman 1988 - 1992
12 Muhammad Yunus Miah BComm 19/6/92 - 31/5/97
13 Muhammad Habibur Rahman 16/6/97 - 4/2/98
14 Muhammad Sayyid Ahmad 5/2/98 - 5/4/05
15 Muhammad Habibur Rahman 7/5/05 - 16/8/11
16 Sheikh Rumel Ahmed 17/8/11 - 16/8/16
17 Muhammad Tajul Islam SSC Present


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