Moroishta is a village in Municipality of Struga, North Macedonia.[1]

Moroišta / Moroishta

Moroišta / Moroishta is located in North Macedonia
Moroišta / Moroishta
Moroišta / Moroishta
Location within North Macedonia
Coordinates: Coordinates: 41°12′10″N 20°49′59″E / 41.20278°N 20.83306°E / 41.20278; 20.83306
Country North Macedonia
RegionLogo of Southwestern Region, North Macedonia.svg Southwestern
MunicipalityCoat of arms of Struga Municipality.svg Struga
686 m (2,251 ft)
 • Total909
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Area code(s)+38946

The village was first mentioned in 1345 in the letter of the Serbian king Stefan Dusan as Moroviste.


By the statistic of 1900 in Moroista (Мороишта) lived 250 people, and they were all Macedonians (Македонци).

According to the 2002 census, the village had a total of 909 inhabitants.[2] Ethnic groups in the village include:[2]


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