Moresby Island

Moresby Island (Haida: Gwaii Haanas) is a large island (3,399.39 km2 or 1,312.51 sq mi) that forms part of the Haida Gwaii archipelago (formerly known as Queen Charlotte Islands) in British Columbia, Canada, located at 52°45′00″N 131°50′00″W / 52.75°N 131.8333333°W / 52.75; -131.8333333.[1]

Gwaii Haanas  (Haida)
Queen Charlotte Islands Map.png
Haida Gwaii. Moresby Island is the large southern island. Alaska lies north
Moresby is located in British Columbia
Moresby Island (British Columbia, Canada)
LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates52°45′00″N 131°50′00″W / 52.75°N 131.8333°W / 52.75; -131.8333Coordinates: 52°45′00″N 131°50′00″W / 52.75°N 131.8333°W / 52.75; -131.8333
ArchipelagoHaida Gwaii
Area3,399.39 km2 (1,312.51 sq mi)
ProvinceBritish Columbia
Regional District Electoral AreaNorth Coast Regional District Electoral Area E
Electoral Area DirectorEvan Putterill
Largest settlementSandspit
Population340 (2016)
Pop. density0.10/km2 (0.26/sq mi)
Newcombe Peak in April 2013
Tasu Mountain Range in May 2006

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site includes Moresby and other islands. The island, together with numerous nearby smaller islands and islets in the southern archipelago, is defined by Statistics Canada as Skeena-Queen Charlotte E (Now North Coast Regional District Area E), with a population of 340 as of the 2016 census. Almost all of its population resided in the unincorporated community of Sandspit, on the northeast corner of Moresby. The total land area of the electoral area is 3,399.39 km2 (1,312.51 sq mi).

Tasu Mountain View

Moresby Island is the 175th largest island in the world, and the 32nd largest island in Canada.

On October 27, 2012, an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 (the strongest earthquake in Canada since the 1949 Queen Charlotte Islands earthquake) was epicentred at a depth of 17.5 kilometres (10.9 miles) under the island.[2]


Moresby Island is named for Rear Admiral Fairfax Moresby. The traditional name in the Haida language is Gwaii Haanas,[citation needed] which is where the national park name is derived from.


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