Mong Ling Shan

Mong Ling Shan, also known as Möng Ling Shan, is one of the highest mountains of the Shan Hills. It is located in the Namtit Special District of Wa State, Myanmar close to the border with China and 122 km to the ENE of Lashio.[2] It is the highest peak in Myanmar Shan State.

Mong Ling Shan
Mong Ling Shan is located in Myanmar
Mong Ling Shan
Mong Ling Shan
Location in Burma
Highest point
Elevation2,641 m (8,665 ft)[1]
Prominence1,625 m (5,331 ft)[1]
ListingList of Ultras of Southeast Asia
Coordinates23°19′48″N 98°52′39″E / 23.33000°N 98.87750°E / 23.33000; 98.87750Coordinates: 23°19′48″N 98°52′39″E / 23.33000°N 98.87750°E / 23.33000; 98.87750[1]
LocationShan State, Myanmar
Parent rangeShan Hills
First ascentunknown
Easiest routeclimb


Mong Ling Shan is the highest peak of a wooded massif located in the frontier area. With a height of 2,641 m and a prominence of 1,625 m, Mong Ling Shan is one of the ultra prominent peaks of Southeast Asia.[3] The nearest village is a Chinese village at 23°20'12.9"N 98°54'10.0"E of unknown name, the nearest Burmese village is Man Ye-su, located about 4 km to the west, and Yindai 4 km to the east on the borderline. The town of Pan Lon lies 11 km to the SW.[4]

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