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Mohammad Zahir Azimi in 2008

Mohammad Zahir Azimi is the official spokesman for the Afghan National Army.[1] He was promoted to the position by Commander-in-Chief of the Afghan Army, Bismillah Khan Mohammadi following the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2002.[2]

Mohammad Zaher AZIMI graduated from the Afghan Army, Infantry Parachute School as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1978.then, He joined the Mojahedin in 1979 and appointed as the leader of the Islamic Movement of Afghanistan‘s party in the southwest region of Afghanistan. During this period of leadership he performed resistance activities in Herat. In 1992, after the Mojahedin’s great victory, AZIMI was promoted to the rank of Major General and was assigned as the Recruiting Commander in Herat province. During the fight against Taliban, in 1999 and after the 2nd victory at Herat, he was assigned as Recruiting Commander in Herat province again. In 2003, Gen. AZIMI was appointed as the Chief of the Parliamentary, Social Relation and Public Affairs in Defense Ministry of Afghanistan. He is Spokesman and Cultural advisor for Defense Ministry of Afghanistan as well. Beside of His professional’s life, he dynamically, joins in the Society activities. He is one of the founder and member of “Society and Professionals Committee of Herat”, and member of the leadership board of the “ Herat Literature Association”. He is a researcher and author as well. He has published eight books; “Attack of the East and the Politics of the west” this book was chosen as the book of the year by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan in 2009, “ How the Taliban came to Afghanistan”, “ Afghanistan and the Roots of Pain”, “Herat and the Point of Mercy( second editions)”, “Hoot the month of Brightness of Faith” and he has another in the printing by the name of “ Thought and Memories 1980-1995 in Afghanistan”.