Model Housing Estate

Model Housing Estate is a public housing estate located at King's Road in Tsat Tsz Mui between Quarry Bay and North Point in Hong Kong, near MTR Quarry Bay station Exit C. It is the oldest existing public housing estate in Hong Kong. [1] It comprises 7 residential blocks completed in 1954 and 1979 respectively, offering a total of 667 flats.[2]

Model Housing Estate
Model Housing Estate
Cantonese YaleMòuh faahn chyūn
Literal meaningModel estate


Unlike other public housing estate, Model Housing Estate was developed by neither the Hong Kong Housing Authority nor the Hong Kong Housing Society. Instead, it was developed by a voluntary organization called "Hong Kong Model Housing Society" (Chinese: 香港模範屋宇會).

The estate was developed in two phases. Phase 1 includes Block A, B, C, D, E and F built between 1951 and 1953, Blocks A-E facing King's Road share the same design, and Block F stands at the back of Block A-E, close to the mountain. In Phase 2 (between 1973 and 1979), The whole of Block C, together with part of Blocks A and B (facing King's Road) was torn down and rebuilt into the current 20-stories, "T" shape new Block C (Block C1 on top of the old Block C, and Block C2 on top of what had been part of Blocks A and B.). When Block C was completed in 1979, the manager responsible for flat allocation suddenly went missing. The Hong Kong Housing Authority then took over the whole estate and allocated the flats to Block C tenants.[3]


Name[4][5] Type Completion
Man Shun House (Block A) Old Slab 1954
Man King House (Block B)
Man Hong House (Block C1 and C2) 1979
Man Ning House (Block D) 1954
Man Cheung House (Block E)
Man Lok House (Block F)


Model Housing Estate is located in Healthy Village constituency of the Eastern District Council.[6] It was formerly represented by James Pui Chi-lap, who was elected in the 2019 elections until July 2021.[7]


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Coordinates: 22°17′27″N 114°12′31″E / 22.29083°N 114.20868°E / 22.29083; 114.20868