Mocha, Chile

Mocha is a Chilean town.[1] It is located approximately 70km northeast of Huara, in the Tarapacá Region, Chile.[2] The town is situated in commune of Huara. Mocha is a livestock and crop dependent town, where it depends on the Quebrada de Tarapacá River.[3]

Iglesia de Mocha.jpg
Coat of arms of Mocha
Location of Mocha
Coordinates: 19°48′44″S 69°16′30″W / 19.81222°S 69.27500°W / -19.81222; -69.27500Coordinates: 19°48′44″S 69°16′30″W / 19.81222°S 69.27500°W / -19.81222; -69.27500
RegionTarapacá Region
ProvinceEl Tamarugal


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