Mitchell Board-a-Match Teams

The Mitchell Board-a-Match Teams national bridge championship is held at the fall American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC). It is an open four session board-a-match event with two qualifying sessions and two final sessions. The event typically starts on the first Sunday of the NABC.

More formally, according to the 2004 ACBL list of "Permanent Trophies" that recognize outstanding members, "The Victor Mitchell trophy is awarded to the winners of the Open Board-a-Match Teams held at the Fall NABC."[1] Victor "Vic" Mitchell was a member of the winning team in 1962 and 1963.


The event was introduced in 1946 as a men's event until 1990 when it became an open event.

An interesting situation occurred in 1977 when there were only three winners: Richard Doughty, Ron Smith and Lou Bluhm (plus these players eligible for session awards only: Bruce Ferguson, Sidney Lazard, Leslie West and Irv Kostal). Lazard was supposed to play with Doughty but after a good first set, Lazard became ill and Kostal took his place for the evening session. Lazard was better the next day and in his seat for the first final session. Suddenly he toppled over and was rushed to a hospital. Meanwhile, Doughty had to find another partner and Ferguson was pressed into service. Ferguson, whose team had not qualified the previous day, was technically ineligible but was allowed to play only in the afternoon. In the evening, Doughty recruited Leslie West—his fourth partner in four sessions—and the team went on to victory by a margin of two full boards.


Winners of Men's Board-a-Match Teams (1946–1989)
Year Winners Runners-up
 1946  Maynard Adams, Julius Bank, Arthur Glatt, William McGhee, Albert Weiss A. Mitchell Barnes, John R. Crawford, Charles Goren, George Rapée, Sidney Silodor
1947 Jeff Glick, Arthur S. Goldsmith, Jack Kravatz, Alvin Landy, Sol Mogal Joseph Cohan, Louis Mark, H. Russ Storr, George Unger
1948 Jack L. Ankus, Jeff Glick, Alvin Landy, John H. Law, Sol Mogal John R. Crawford, Edward N. Marcus, George Rapée, Sam Stayman
1949 Muriel Levin, Sonny Moyse, Leo Roet, Howard Schenken Joseph Cohan, Herbert J. Gerst, Jack L. Ankus, William Joseph, H. Russ Storr
1950 Edward Burns, John F. Carlin, David Carter, A. Richard Revell Robert Appleyard, Ned Drucker, Fred Hirsch, Milton Moss, Milton Vernoff
1951 J. Van Brooks, Eugene Dautell, Jack Denny, Ace Gutowsky, Edwin J. Smith Fred L. Bickel, Joseph J. Foreacre, Robert Lattomus, Ronald Rosenberg
1952 Charles Goren, Oswald Jacoby, Sidney Silodor, Charles J. Solomon, Sam Stayman 2/3. Samuel Katz, Charles Kuhn, William Seamon, Albert Weiss
2/3. Harry Fishbein, Harold Harkavy, Alvin Roth, Tobias Stone, Waldemar von Zedtwitz
1953 Ben Fain, John Gerber, George Heath, Paul Hodge, Harold Rockaway Clifford W. Bishop, Harry Fishbein, Arnold Kauder, John H. Moran, Douglas Steen
1954 Aaron J. Frank, Jeff Glick, Arthur S. Goldsmith, Alvin Landy, Sol Mogal Henry Chanin, John W. Fisher, Jim Jacoby, Oswald Jacoby, Sidney Lazard
1955 Richard Freeman, Edgar Kaplan, Ralph Hirschberg, Norman Kay, Alvin Roth Charles Goren, Peter Leventritt, Charles J. Solomon, Sam Stayman
1956 John R. Crawford, Ben Fain, Paul H. Hodge, Sidney Silodor 2/3. Paul Allinger, John W. Fisher, Emmanuel Hochfeld, Oswald Jacoby, Sidney Lazard
2/3. Barry Crane, Harold Rockaway, Clarence A. Strouse, John H. Toledano
1957 Lew Mathe, Donald Oakie, Meyer Schleifer, Edward O. Taylor Israel Cohen, Richard Freeman, John C. Kunkel, Alvin Roth, Ivar Stakgold
1958 Jeff Glick, Arthur S. Goldsmith, Alvin Landy, Elmer I. Schwartz, Vic D. Zeve Richard Freeman, Edgar Kaplan, Norman Kay, Ralph Hirschberg
1959 Ollie Adams, Ivan Erdos, Oswald Jacoby, Robert G. Sharp B. Jay Becker, John R. Crawford, Sidney Silodor, Tobias Stone
1960 Charles Denby, Burrell I. Humphreys, Alan W. Messer, Marty Scheinberg, Robert P. Wakeman 2/4. Harry Fishbein, John Gerber, Paul H. Hodge, Charles J. Solomon
2/4 Wilfred Dumas, Donald McGee, John Siverts, Jerzy Zawisza
2/4. James R. Hughes, Marvin Paulshock, Eli Reich, David Treadwell
1961 John R. Crawford, Norman Kay, Alvin Roth, Sidney Silodor, Tobias Stone Edgar Kaplan, Mervin Key, Sidney Lazard, Bobby Nail
1962 1/2. Phil Feldesman, Richard Freeman, Victor Mitchell, Eric Murray, Sam Stayman
1/2. Paul Allinger, Harold Guiver, Lew Mathe, Edward O. Taylor
1963 Phil Feldesman, Victor Mitchell, Sam Stayman, Tobias Stone B. Jay Becker, Norman Kay, Bill Root, Sol Rubinow, Sidney Silodor
1964 Ivan Erdos, Harold Guiver, Mike Lawrence, Alfred Sheinwold Charles Coon, Bobby Nail, Robert Stucker, Frank T. Westcott
1965 Harry Fishbein, Jeff Rubens, Charles J. Solomon, Roger D. Stern Phil Feldesman, Sidney Lazard, Victor Mitchell, Daniel Rotman, Sam Stayman
1966 Phil Feldesman, Richard Freeman, Edgar Kaplan, Norman Kay Anthony Dionisi, Jeremy Flint, Harlow S. Lewis, Peter Pender
1967 Thomas E. Bussey, Jim R. Dunlap, Lawrence Jolma, Robert P. Patterson, Gary Stark Edward J. Barlow, Phil Read, Robert Spotts, John Sutherlin
1968 Ira Corn, Billy Eisenberg, Bobby Goldman, Jim Jacoby, Mike Lawrence, Bobby Wolff Mike Becker, Charles Coon, Joel H. Stuart, Peter Weichsel, Richard Zeckhauser
1969 Chuck Burger, Jimmy Cayne, Alvin Roth, Paul Trent 2/3. Billy Eisenberg, Bobby Goldman, Bob Hamman, Jim Jacoby, Mike Lawrence, Bobby Wolff
2/3. Martin J. Cohn, Norman H. Fischer, Charles M. MacCracken, Bill Reister
1970 Bernie Bergovoy, Donald P. Krauss, Lew Mathe,Don Pearson, John Swanson, Richard Walsh Eddie Kantar, Kyle Larsen, Paul Soloway, Ron Von der Porten
1971 Bernie Chazen, Alvin Roth, Alan Sontag, Paul Trent Gerald Caravelli, Larry T. Cohen, Barry Crane, John Fisher
1972 Jack Blair, Jim Jacoby, John Simon, Paul Swanson, Bobby Wolff Grant Baze, William Grieve, Donald P. Krauss, Lew Mathe, Peter Pender, George Rapée
1973 Garey Hayden, Jim Jacoby, Gaylor Kasle, John Simon, Bobby Wolff 2/3. Lou Bluhm, Steve Goldberg, Lawrence Gould, Steve Robinson
2/3. John R. Crawford, Norm Kurlander, Alvin Roth, Clifford Russell, William Seamon
1974 Ron Andersen, Mark Feldman, Stephen Goldstein, Hugh MacLean, Merle Tom 2/3. Eric Kokish, Steve Robinson, Mike Shuman, Joey Silver
2/3. Harold Guiver, Marty Shallon, William Sides, Mike Smolen
1975 Matt Granovetter, William Grieve, George Rapée, Ron Rubin Roger Bates, Edgar Kaplan, Norman Kay, George Rosenkranz
1976 David Ashley, Paul Heitner, John Lowenthal, Mike Smolen Bart Bramley, Marvin Herbert, Howard Piltch, Lou Reich, Ira Rubin
1977 Lou Bluhm, Richard Doughty, Ron L. Smith, (Bruce Ferguson, Irv Kostal, Sidney Lazard, Leslie West)* Richard Freeman, Alvin Roth, Clifford Russell, Curtis Smith, Merle Tom, Art Waldmann
1978 Neil Chambers, Eric Kokish, Peter Nagy, Steve Robinson, John Schermer, Kit Woolsey Steve Garner, Dave Lehman, Dick Melson, Larry Oakey
1979 Allan Cokin, Steve Sion, Alan Sontag, Jim Sternberg, Peter Weichsel Mike Cappelletti, Ron Feldman, Gary Hann, David Hoffner, Zeke Jabbour, David Sacks
1980   Bart Bramley, Ross Grabel, William Rosen, Milton Rosenberg, Sam Stayman, George Tornay   Ira Corn, Fred Hamilton, Bob Hamman, Ira Rubin, Bobby Wolff
1981 Marty Bergen, Neil Chambers, Joey Silver, Allan Stauber Michael Aliotta, Marc Culbertson, Jim Gardner, Bert Newman
1982 Dave Berkowitz, Matt Granovetter, Harold Lilie, Al Rand Bob Blanchard, Drew Casen, Chuck Lamprey, Thomas M. Smith
1983 Tommy Sanders, Harold Guiver, Grant Baze, John Sutherlin Cliff Russell, Bobby Levin, Richard Freeman, Lou Bluhm, John Solodar, Ron Gerard
1984 George Rosenkranz, Eddie Wold, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Marty Bergen, Larry N. Cohen   Malcolm Brachman, Bobby Wolff, Bob Hamman, Paul Soloway, Ron Andersen, Bobby Goldman  
1985 Hal Mouser, Josh Parker, Ron Gerard, Dan Rotman Roger Bates, John Mohan, Alan Sontag, John Devine
1986 Gene Freed, Mike Passell, Ed Manfield, Kit Woolsey, Mark Lair Don Caton, Robert Kehoe, Gene Simpson, Robert Teel
1987 George Rosenkranz, Eddie Wold, Ira Chorush, Peter Weichsel, Bobby Levin Bart Bramley, Steve Garner, Howard Weinstein, Lou Bluhm
1988 James Cayne, Bob Hamman, Bobby Wolff, Mike Passell, Chuck Burger, Mark Lair Victor Mitchell, Albert Rahmey, Michael Moss, Drew Casen, Howard Hertzberg
1989 Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson, Ed Manfield, Kit Woolsey Jimmy Cayne, Chuck Burger, Bob Hamman, Bobby Wolff, Lew Stansby, Dave Berkowitz
Winners of Open Board-a-Match Teams (1990–)
Year Winners Runners-up
 1990  Mark Moss, Robert Thompson, Daniel Molochko, Jack Wholly George Rosenkranz, Eddie Wold, Peter Weichsel, Bobby Levin, Marty Bergen, Larry N. Cohen
1991 Zia Mahmood, Michael Rosenberg, Jeffrey Wolfson, David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen Jim Hall, Tom Fox, Dick Melson, David Lehman
1992 Richard Katz, Garey Hayden, Wafik Abdou, Ira Cohen; Mike Whitman (npc) Drew Cannell, Jeffrey Hand, Claudio Caponi, Steve Hamaoui
1993 Paul Soloway, Bobby Goldman, Mark Lair, Mike Passell; Jimmy Cayne (npc) Jim Hall, Tom Fox, Dave Lehman, Dick Melson
1994 Andy Goodman, Peter Boyd, Ed Manfield, John Mohan, Steve Robinson, Kit Woolsey Brian Glubok, Steve Zolotow, Chris Compton, Lew Stansby,Ron Smith
1995 Chip Martel, Lew Stansby, Steve Weinstein, Fred Stewart James Cayne, Chuck Burger, Paul Soloway, Mike Passell, Mark Lair, Bobby Goldman
1996 Robert Baldwin, Bobby Levin, Peter Weichsel, Zia Mahmood, Michael Rosenberg David Mossop, Paul Hackett, Justin Hackett, Jason Hackett
1997 Bob Blanchard, Jim Krekorian, Doug Doub, John Rengstorff Allen Hawkins, Russ Ekeblad, Jim Foster, John Sutherlin, Ron L. Smith
1998 Grant Baze, Fred Gitelman, George Mittelman, Brad Moss, Michael Whitman Nick Nickell, Richard Freeman, Bob Hamman, Paul Soloway, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell
1999 Rita Shugart, Geir Helgemo, Tony Forrester, Andrew Robson Nick Nickell, Richard Freeman, Bob Hamman, Paul Soloway, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell
2000 Andrey Gromov, Alexander Petrunin, Cezary Balicki, Adam Żmudziński Eddie Wold, George Rosenkranz, Sam Lev, John Mohan, Piotr Gawryś, Jacek Pszczoła
2001 Rose Meltzer, Kyle Larsen, Peter Weichsel, Alan Sontag, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby George Jacobs, Ralph Katz, Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace
2002 George Jacobs, Ralph Katz, Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace Roy Welland, Björn Fallenius, Steve Garner, Howard Weinstein, Fred Gitelman
2003   George Jacobs, Ralph Katz, Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace   Sam Lev, Brian Glubok, Michał Kwiecień, Jacek Pszczoła, Reese Milner
2004   Christal Henner-Welland, Mike Kamil, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes, Peter Bertheau, Fredrik Nystrom     Roy Welland, Björn Fallenius, Michael Rosenberg, Zia Mahmood, Cezary Balicki, Adam Żmudziński  
2005 Roy Welland, Björn Fallenius, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby, Cezary Balicki, Adam Żmudziński Michael Whitman, Grant Baze, Steve Beatty, Sam Lev, Jacek Pszczoła
2006 George Jacobs, Ralph Katz, Zia Mahmood, Michael Rosenberg, Steve Weinstein, Bobby Levin John Onstott, Steve Beatty, Drew Casen, Jim Krekorian, Jørgen Molberg, Terje Aa
2007 Aubrey Strul, Mike Becker, David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen, Lew Stansby, Chip Martel Aleksander Dubinin, Andrew Gromov, Cezary Balicki, Adam Żmudziński
2008 Bob Hamman, Zia Mahmood, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell Aubrey Strul, Mike Becker, David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby
2009 Josef Blass, Aleksander Dubinin, Andrew Gromov, Jerzy Zaremba, Cezary Balicki, Adam Żmudziński Doug Doub, Craig Gower, Jacob Morgan, Michael Polowan, Adam Wildavsky
2010 Josef Blass, Aleksander Dubinin, Andrew Gromov, Marcin Leśniewski, Cezary Balicki, Adam Żmudziński Rob Brady, Alan Kleist, Howard Liu, Danning Dong
2011 Michael Seamon, Jimmy Cayne, Antonio Sementa, Giorgio Duboin, Alfredo Versace, Lorenzo Lauria Jared Lilienstein, Michael Polowan, Jan Jansma, Adam Wildavsky
2012 Mike Becker, Aubrey Strul, Howard Weinstein, Steve Garner, Tarek Sadek, Waleed El Ahmady Ralph Katz, Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein, Eric Rodwell, Nick Nickell
2013 Jim Mahaffey, Tony Forrester, Jean Quantin, Marc Bompis, Alexander Smirnov, Josef Piekarek Jill Levin, Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein, Jenny Wolpert
2014 Andrew Gromov, Aleksander Dubinin, Krzysztof Buras, Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Jacek Jerzy Kalita, Michal Nowosadzki Michael Kamil, Stan Tulin, Gary Cohler, Billy Cohen, Dror Padon, Alon Birman
2015 Richard Schwartz, Allan Graves, Boye Brogeland, Espen Lindqvist, Huub Bertens, Daniel Korbel Vytautas V Vainikonis, Wojtek Olanski, Boguslaw Gierulski, Jerzy Skrzypczak, Ron Pachtmann, Piotr Pawel Zatorski
2016 Stan Tulin, Kevin Dwyer, Alon Birman, Dror Padon, Michal Nowosadzki, Jacek Kalita Daniel Korbel, David Bakhshi, Richard Schwartz, Boye Brogeland, Espen Lindqvist, David Gold

Richard Schwartz, David Gold, Jerry Stamatov, Diyan Danailov. Michael Bell

James Cayne, Alan Sontag, Giovanni Donati, Alfredo Versace, Lorenzo Lauria, Mustafa Cem Tokay

2018 Marty Fleisher, Chip Martel, Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco, Joe Grue, Brad Moss Mikael Rimstedt, Ola Rimstedt, Marion Michielson, Per-Ola Cullin, Peter Bertheau, Daniel Zagorin
2019 Howard Weinstein, Michael Becker, Bob Hamman, Peter Weichsel, Liam Milne, Andy Hung Margie Cole, Alejandro Biachedi, Giorgia Botta, Cenk Tuncok
2020 Not held (COVID-19) Not held (COVID-19)
2021 Mitch Dunitz, Mark Itabashi, Iftikhar Baqai, Ross Grabel Tim Verbeek, Patricia Cayne, Dano De Falco, Danny Molenaar, Bart Nab, Bob Drijver
* Session awards only

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