Miracle Theatre

Miracle Theatre, sometimes known by the Spanish translation of its name Teatro Milagro, is the only Hispanic theater production company in the Pacific Northwest. Its home is in Portland, Oregon, United States, though it often tours regionally and nationally. It was founded in 1985.

Miracle Theatre headquarters in SE Portland.

The theater operates through three arms: the Miracle Mainstage, with English language productions at the company's theater in southeast Portland, Teatro Milagro, the international touring company, with bilingual English/Spanish productions, and Bellas Artes, a multidisciplinary company that stages community-based events, such as annual Dia de Los Muertos, Las Posadas festivals, and educational programs.

The Miracle Theatre generally produces about a half-dozen productions of original and revival plays annually, along with related programs.


Teatro Milagro founded in the year 1985 by José Eduardo González and Dañel Malán. The first play produced by Teatro Milagro was actually the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex. Miracle Theatre continued to produce Greek tragedies and comedies for the next seven years.In 1989 however Gonzalez decided it was time to put on a Hispanic Cultural Festival. This festival put out plays such as Roosters by Milcha Sanchez-Scott. Up until 1992 Miracle Theater presented both Hispanic plays, which were shown in the spring, and Greek plays, which were shown in the fall. However, in 1992 the theater fully dedicated themselves towards creating and producing Hispanic works.


Originally The Miracle Theatre was located at the Northwest Service Center where it stayed until the end on 1992. They moved around a little bit, producing regularly in any open venue they could find around the region. Finally after three years, in 1995 Teatro Milagro found a place to stay in Portland, Oregon. In 1997 Teatro Milagro purchased their building which allowed for expansions and independence.

Plays and ProductionsEdit

Originally Teatro Milagro produced both Greek and Hispanic plays. During the spring they would show the Hispanic plays and the fall they would show the classic Greek comedies and tragedies. This all changed in 1992 when they opted to show only Hispanic plays. Currently The Miracle Theater is still running and has a heavy slate of upcoming productions which include

Work in the CommunityEdit

Teatro Milagro offers many different opportunities to engage with the community around them. Not only do they advance the knowledge of Latinx culture, but there also many different community outreach programs and internship opportunities that they are involved in. They also host many different community events which include:

  • ¿ Qué Pasa Venezuela?
  • Wolf at the Door: Fairy tales, morality stories, and mythology
  • An Evening of Latinx Literature


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