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Mira Aroyo (Bulgarian: Мира Аройо; born July 11, 1977) is a Bulgarian musician, known as the secondary vocalist and one of the keyboardists and songwriters of the electronic band Ladytron, as well as a DJ. She writes and sings her songs for Ladytron in Bulgarian as well as English. Prior to a full-time career in music, Aroyo studied for a D.Phil. in genetics at the University of Oxford.

Mira Aroyo
Mira looking out from the stage at Ottawa Bluesfest in 2008
Mira Aroyo at Ottawa Bluesfest in 2008
Background information
Born (1977-07-11) July 11, 1977 (age 41)
Sofia, Bulgaria
OriginLiverpool, England
Years active1999—present
Associated acts


Early life and educationEdit

Mira Aroyo was born 1977 in Sofia, Bulgaria,[1][2] to Bulgarian Jewish[2] background. Aroyo moved with her family to Israel when she was ten and, later, to the United Kingdom.[2]

The first musical instrument that Aroyo ever played was the guitar.[3] Also when she was younger, she played the accordion.[4] Although Aroyo's parents were cautious about her decision to pursue music, they were nevertheless supportive and respectful about it.[5]


Scientific careerEdit

Following the completion of her undergraduate education, Aroyo pursued postgraduate research studies in genetics;[6] she was a D.Phil. student[7] in the Division of Molecular Genetics, Department of Biochemistry of the University of Oxford,[8] where she was supervised by Dr. François-Xavier Barre[9] and Professor David J. Sherratt.[10][11][12] In 2003, the Department of Biochemistry noted that Aroyo was a postgraduate geneticist and recognised the release of her band's second album, Light and Magic.[13]

Contrary to claims that she completed her D.Phil., specifically in or around 2002[14] (though it has also been claimed that, as late as 2008, she was still a D.Phil. candidate),[15] Aroyo left science and her D.Phil. programme before completing it and graduating.[7] In an interview with The Sunday Mail, she explained that, "We all had jobs when we started Ladytron then little by little we ditched them. I was a geneticist doing a PhD and realizing lab work wasn't for me. We were doing Ladytron at the same time and I was enjoying it more. It was easier and more fun".[16] In a later interview, when asked, "Apparently you were enrolled as a PhD student in Oxford. Seems like a pretty prestigious post did you ever have any doubts leaving academia for Ladytron?", Aroyo replied, "Yes. For the first 3 years of Ladytron I was juggling both, until it became apparent that I would be compromising both if I continued that way. I was young and it seemed a lot more fun at the time to travel the world playing music".[17]

Musical careerEdit

In the summer of 1999, the Liverpudlian producers and DJs Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu met the students Helen Marnie (through various DJ gigs)[18] and Mira Aroyo (through a mutual friend).[19] Sharing similar interests in music, they formed the electronic band Ladytron in the same year. Since then, Aroyo is the secondary singer of the band, and also plays synthesizers and contributes to songwriting.

Aroyo also collaborated with the indie pop band The Projects.[20] The song "Don't Eat Meat" featured Mira as vocalist.[21] She also collaborated with John Foxx & The Maths for the song "Watching a Building on Fire".

Personal lifeEdit

Aroyo has been married to the photography curator Harry Hardie since 2010.[22] In 2011, it was reported that Aroyo appeared to be pregnant.[23] Indeed, on 23 February 2012, Aroyo gave birth to daughter Noa.[24] She currently lives in London.[25]

Aroyo is a pescetarian[26] and an advocate for animal rights.[27]

Aroyo has an interest in architecture and has presented a 15-minute short film, titled The Folly about "the cottage home of an elderly lady who has to adapt to her remote surroundings as she gets older".[28]


During Ladytron's live shows, Mira Aroyo plays synthesizers and occasionally sings. Her primary synthesizer is Korg MS-20, which she used since the band's beginnings.

Aroyo played live the following instruments for the band:

On the early part of Witching Hour tour, Ladytron used to name their four identical Korg MS2000B to be easier installed on stage. Her MS2000B keyboard was named Babylon.[29]




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