Mir Movsum Agha (full name Azerbaijani: Seyidəli Mir Abutalıb oğlu Mirmövsümzadə; English: Seyidali Mir Abutalib oghlu Mirmovsumzade 1883 – 17 November 1950)[1] was a physically disabled person, who was believed to have supernatural powers by the residents of Baku and outskirt villages.

Mir Movsum Agha
Mir Mövsüm Ağa
Mir Movsum Agha
Died17 November 1950

A shrine was built for Mir Movsum Agha in Shuvalan after his death; that shrine now has a blue maiolica, Central Asian-style dome.[2]

The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev and the First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva are regular visitors to Mir Movsum Aga's sanctuary. The First Lady once donated a carpet decorated with an image of Movsum Mir Aga that was made by painter Kamil Aliyev to the sanctuary.[1] In 2011, historian Tarana Jabiyeva wrote a book about Mir Movsum Agha called "Eternal resident of Icheri-Shahar" that was presented by the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan.[1]


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