Miquel Mayol i Raynal

Miquel Mayol i Raynal (born 11 August 1941[1]) is a Spanish politician of French nationality who served as a Member of the European Parliament from 2001 to 2004 in Spanish lists.


Born in Perpignan,[2] he taught law[2] and was a founder of Catalan Workers' Left,.[3] He later joined the Republican Left of Catalonia and was the secretary of their North Catalonia division.[3]

In June 2001 he became a RLC member of the European Parliament in the Greens–European Free Alliance. He sat in the European Parliament until July 2004.[1]

He was also an activist in promoting both the Catalan language and its culture.,[3] and was awarded the 2014 Joan Blanca Prize [ca] alongside Carme Forcadell i Lluís.[4]


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