Ministry of Transportation and Construction (Poland)

Ministry of Transportation and Construction (Polish: Ministerstwo Transportu i Budownictwa) was formed on 31 October 2005, from transformation of Ministry of Infrastructure.

Ministry of Transportation and Construction
Ministerstwo Transportu i Budownictwa
Official governmental wall plaque
Agency overview
Preceding agency
Superseding agency
Headquarters6 Chałubińskiego Street in Warsaw
Parent agencyCouncil of Ministers

It was abolished on 5 May 2006 as a result of signing a coalition agreement between the Law and Justice party, Self-Defense and the LPR. It was replaced by Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Marine Economy.

Headquarters edit

The building of the Ministry of Communication is a modernist office building at 4/6 Tytusa Chałubińskiego Street in Warsaw, erected between 1929 and 1931, designed by Rudolf Świerczyński.

In the years 1948-1950 the complex of buildings was significantly expanded according to the design of Bohdan Pniewski. The high-rise part can be considered as the first skyscraper built in Warsaw, and probably in the whole country after World War II.

In the period 1945-2000 the Polish State Railways were also managed from this building.

Ministers of Transportation and Construction edit

Portrait Name party Term of Office Prime Minister


  Jerzy Polaczek[1] Law and Justice 31 October 2005 5 May 2006 Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz (Marcinkiewicz)

References edit

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